offset smoker

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  1. CallMeMattD

    New here from TX

    Hi! My name is Matt, and I'm from TX. I have an Oklahoma Joe's Highlander and it is probably the best gift I have ever received thanks to my wife and family. I'm smoking a brisket as I write this. A couple of days ago I smoked the absolute best pork butt yet. I think I have the smoker dialed...
  2. S

    Advice on wood size and placement

    I recently got a dyna-glo offset vertical for Christmas and have been trying to get a few things figured out with it. When I use it I get things going with a chimney of briquettes and then throw a few medium sized splits on top of that. I noticed that the splits only give off smoke for the first...
  3. F

    Questions about door trim

    Hey y’all. I’m building a 120 offset right now. Getting my inspiration from the Fatstack 120. Going to cut the doors this weekend and was wondering if y’all have any opinions on using 1/8 in. Vs 1/4 in. Strips for that. Also how worried should I be about the door distorting when I weld the...
  4. G

    Offset, Cabinet or gravity fed

    I am graduating from a 7 year stint with a pellet smoker. I enjoyed but the smoke flavor is limited. Visiting local bbq shop to look at old country bravos, old country gravity fed and Meadow Creek cabinets. I know each has its own positives and negatives but it would be great to get your 2...
  5. SmokinBBQUK

    Arnold Barbecue 94 Gallon offset smoker

    Hi, This is a bit of a long shot as I'm based in the UK however I'm assuming that there are other folks from the UK on this forum so thought it was worth listing my offset smoker on here..... I'm selling my Arnold Barbecue 94 gallon offset smoker. This was a made to order smoker with 2...
  6. E

    Lonestar Grillz 20x36 offset smoker for sale

    I have a Lonestar Grillz 20x36 offset smoker for sale. It's only two years old and in great condition. I'm selling because I need a bigger smoker. Local pick up only in central Texas. Added Parts Include: Brass ball valve drain Propane log starter Fire management basket
  7. Simi Kay

    Should I confit brisket

    Hi guys, the beef briskets that I get from my farm, are high quality grass-and a little grain-fed. They have got a fine fat cap, and are probably between the high select and the low choice in marbling, which, according to BBQ experts is very challenging for the beginner. I have seen the Mad...
  8. B

    Offset Smoker / Pellet Combo

    Hey everyone! Want you're feedback, have a crazy but cool idea! An offset smoker that can also use pellets! Check out pictures below of my idea / design. Very simple design. I'd have some sort of platform or something for pellet assembly to sit on. Main purpose is for overnight smokes or...
  9. B

    Bell Fabrication Smokers

    Hey everyone! In searching phase of offset smokers. I'm really looking into budget, but good quality smokers that have thick steel (bare minimum 1/4"). Seems like the best value out their is Bell Fabrication. Doesn't seem close. I very briefly spoke with Craig Bell (of Bell Fabrication)...
  10. J

    hot smoked salmon

    I smoked a whole salmon yesterday on my bubba grills offset. I followed this recipe. I've never smoked salmon and I discovered it's a messy, expensive thing to prepare. I filleted and then cut up the 20 pound fish into one pound chunks. I brined those for about 8 hours. I rinsed well, then let...
  11. F

    Temperature variance across reverse flow offset smoker

    In a reverse flow smoker, Is it normal to have a 35 F temperature variance between one side of the smoker and the other side? Is there a way to resolve this problem? what techniques can be used to go around it? I have had An Oklahoma Joe Reverse Flow Smoker for quite sometime and I have used...
  12. SmokinBBQUK

    Fire management help

    Hi guys, Sorry, new member here and I stumbled across these forums whilst Googling offset fire management. I've had a 94 gallon offset smoker for about 8 months now and am really struggling with maintaining a good coal bed and generally a good, clean fire. I run the smoker on 100% oak wood...
  13. B

    Bo's Meat

    Hi everyone - My name is Bo and I am new to this forum. I am from Dallas, TX and love all things BBQ. I even have an Instagram account dedicated to #meat called @bosmeat (it was originally called @picsofbosmeat as a joke lol)... Anyways, I have primarily smoked meat on my Traeger, but have been...
  14. Daba's BBQ

    Opinion Needed - Dyna-Glo Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

    I came across a new Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Wide Body Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker on FB for $200 Does anyone know anything about this one? Quality? Steel thickness? Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks
  15. Daba's BBQ

    Vertical Smoker -vs- Offset Smoker? - Need advice on buying one

    Good morning all. A few weeks back I got a very cheap, very small, Char-Broil offset from FB Marketplace. It is a piece of junk. I sold it and now I am in the market for another smoker. I always liked the idea of vertical smoking and heard that WSM is a great one, but I am turned off by that...
  16. samir

    Newbie looking for advice on first offset smoker

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the smoking scene and looking to buy my first offset smoker. Based on some of the posts I've seen here, I think I'm in the right place! Any recommendations for a beginner offset smoker that offers good value for money and costs less than $500? My original idea was to...
  17. Daba's BBQ

    The Secret to Getting a Good Smoke Ring

    Great Article - The Secret to Getting a Good Smoke Ring
  18. Daba's BBQ

    Offset Smoker For Sale - Brand New

    I am selling a (literally) once-used Char-Broil offset smoker Excellent physical and working condition Long Island-based Asking $150 or Best Offer Pickup only
  19. Daba's BBQ

    Never cooked on an offset smoker. What should I cook first?

    BTW - I'll be cooking for a family of 4
  20. Daba's BBQ

    Buying & Cooking On My First Offset Smoker - Advice Needed

    7/8/22 Good morning. I own a Weber Kettle and a Traeger Pro Series 34. Now I am going to venture into cooking on an offset smoker. I am planning on buying one over the next few days and having never cooked on a stick burner before, I need some advice on both what to look for when I buy one...