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offset smoker

  1. M

    Long Lasting Cover

    Hey y’all, long time lurker, first post. I’ve got a barrel smoker with an offset box and unsurprisingly the cover it came with when I bought it two years ago is now so brittle it tears every time I touch it. I’m in the mid-Atlantic where we get pretty cold winters (20s/30s) and sweltering...
  2. H

    New build size - bigger better?

    Hey, I am building a new smoker and have some questions hoping you guys could help me out I sourced some sheet steel and someone to roll it for me The steel sheet is 10f(3000mm)x5f(1500mm) and can roll a max diameter of about 800mm(32") From searching the web 600mm-24" seems to be the most...
  3. S

    Brick, Offset, Reverse flow, Gravity Fed smoker

    I wanted to share with everyone the new smoker I built. I couldn't find very little online in the way of offset brick smokers so I thought my experience might help someone in the future. A few things to consider - I'm in no way a brick mason, this was my first attempt at any masonry, in the...
  4. MeatPopsicle

    Let the games begin! - 150gal Offset Build

    Started my first offset smoker project this week. It'll have a 150gal cook chamber (85in long - 24in diameter = 35,371cu in), a 26in X 24in X 26in semi insulated firebox (16,224cu in), and planning on having a 6in diameter/40in tall smoke stack (1,131cu in). Learning how to weld/fabricate on...
  5. D

    Any feedback on the Hark Texas Pro Pit?

    G'day Being a decent all rounder on Charcoal/Kettle/Gas burners, i've been looking into offset smoking. Ive been there done that with a very cheap smoker to figure out very quickly that this is a "you get what you pay for" in terms of budgeting/cutting corners/cheap mods. I've looked at the...
  6. MeatPopsicle

    Need help reading my tank badge!

    Long-time lurker, first time poster! Y'all have already been a wild amount of help, and I'm hoping you can "officially" help me with a pickle I'm in. I picked up my 150gal tank last week for my first offset build and have some concerning questions about the tank (now that my excitement has...
  7. R

    Brinkmann Cimarron or Old Trailmaster? Not Sure

    Update from the below. Looks like this might be an old Trailmaster 855-6300-0. Still looks like it may be a 1/4" unit. When I looked at the manual though it appears as though everything (damper etc) on the newer Trailmasters was on the opposite side and had different tags. This has the same...
  8. AmazonDon703

    100 gallon propane tank

    Hey, fellow bbq enthusiasts. So I am having a smoker built from a 100g propane tank, and a 40g tank used for the fire box. Just wondering if any of you have a smoker around that size, and if so how do you like the smoker? Any recommendations, tips or suggestions? So far my main request is...
  9. L

    Concrete Block Smoker

    Ok so i have always used an electric smoker and decided to try something new. I wanted to buy a real nice trailer smoker but the wife was not going to allow that. I came across plans for a concrete brick smoker and said why not try it. 2 days later it’s done and I’m waiting to pick up the...
  10. jnewt26

    Char-Griller Smokin Champ mods.

    Hey all, I have smokin Champ offset smoker and was wondering what mods you may have tried. I have added two thermometers at grate level, and extended the stack down to the grate using some aluminum tubing. I am having some trouble with heat retention and I feel like I am using a ton of fuel...
  11. tomfrazier

    Looking for Brinkmann Limited Edition of et replacement

    Love my Brinkmann Limited Edition offset smoker but it's seen better days and we will not be taking her with us when we move cross country in a few months. Looking for a long offset smoker of the same quality or better and possibly a bit deeper that is less than $600. Any recommendations...
  12. N

    Offset smoker build

    Hey so im wanting to build an offset smoker from my old propane tank and was wondering if anyone knew a cheaper way to get a chimney(smoke stack). Needs to be around 4 feet tall with a 6" diameter but all the ones I find are insanely expensive.
  13. Thunderbug23

    Newbie Need Help

    So I been cooking on a WSM Wanted a offset so I bought a Old Country Pecos because it was the best bang for your buck, so I’ve cooked on it 3 times having issues every time I close the door the fire goes out so I have to leave the door open half way and I'm getting 20 minutes before I have to...
  14. lucozadejim

    Cactus Jack offset Smoker in UK for sale

    hi all, Unfortunately I just don’t get time to use My beloved cactus jack 16” SE offset smoker.... Considering selling it as we have very little time or room for it due to our new little boy and health conditions.. This is the proper job and rather than put it on flea bay, I thought I’d see what...
  15. Brisketandbutts

    Offset Smoker Location

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a new smoker that I'm super stoked about. However, the area I was originally planning on putting it is like 20 feet from a neighbors window so I have rethought about not having it there. Now I am running low on places to put it in my backyard. How close do you...
  16. T

    Stick burner help

    Last Summer I had purchased one of the original Oklahoma Joe's that was made in Perry Oklahoma. It 1/4" and the welds on it are impeccable. The smoker itself is in great shape and has no rust what so ever. One thing that I am having problems with is the heat distribution across the grate. I have...
  17. Jawgaboy

    Mods to a COS I just got

    He guys, I'm fairly new to the smoking game and just received my first stick burner. It's a cheap char broil American gourmet and needs some mods badly. She leaks from both doors pretty bad, I know that there is a 30-40 degree difference from end to end, install gauges at grate level, extend...
  18. K

    Afternoon from VA

    Howdy, Name is Kevin and I am new to smoking meats. I live in the Northern Virginia area. Today is my first attempt at offset smoking. I am smoking a 6lb bone in half-ham, harvested from a wild boar. I went with a rub on the ham then wrapped in bacon because it’s lean. I am attempting this with...
  19. I

    Help with smoker build

    Hello, I'm from southamerica and a couple of months ago I made a bbq roadtrip across Texas and fell in love so much that I decided to smoke meat here and I need help with some details of my first offset smoker. I have, for the main chamber, a cilinder of 3/8'', 24'' diameter, 47'' lenght and...
  20. slicmc84

    Help.......! In search of a AMERICAN built smoker barrel

    Currently I have a small vertical charcoal/wood smoker grill but i would like to grow bigger. I've been searching all the outlets around me, home depot, Lowe's , Sam's club, tractor supply etc.. My current issuse is the American build of these, I can't find any! What are the brands, costs, and...
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