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  1. A

    New to jerky

    Hi everyone I am typing on the cell phone so sorry for punctuation or lack of. I know this is a smoking meat forum but at the moment I do not have the means to be able to try smoking my jerky but I just buy a dehydrator and I was hoping someone could help me with the problem of my beef jerky...
  2. B

    Greetings All from Bethlehem PA

    Hello! I'm here due to the kindness of Smoker78 who pointed me in this direction. I can't wait to start digging through all of these wonderful threads. Right now my weapon of choice is the venerable Weber charcoal kettle grill and the little side car charcoal holders. I've successfully...
  3. K

    from Southern California, new here, new to smoking,

    Just checking in, saying hi [my first post] I look forward to learning from this community. Last year I bought a Masterbuilt Pro for myself for Fathers day / Birthday. I've smoked a few meats, mostly brisket. I realized my meat probe is WAY off, and I suspect the smokers heat setting...
  4. R

    New member in New Ma

    Hello everyone, I am a new smoker but not new to cooking. Trained chef for the last 8 years who loves new toys and writing recipes. My latest gadget is a Masterbuilt smoker and I've spent the last few weeks trying out pork belly recipes and ribs. Not so great on smoking fish yet which I hope.to...
  5. TarantulaSam

    Just Built A Mini WSM and I Have Never Smoked Before

    First post. Let me know if I posted this in the wrong place. My neighbor smoked some ribs for me on his Weber Kettle. I caught the bug and build a Mini WSM to get me started. I just seasoned it today, or think I seasoned it. I lightly sprayed the inside surface with Pam and then ran it for an...
  6. Smoked_Ryno

    New to smoking but expert at eating!

    Hey everyone, I just got my first smoker as a housewarming gift. I have smoked chicken, ribs and sausage so far and it has been great! I have done a lot of reading on this forum and have found a lot of useful tips and tricks. Currently smoking a small 5lb. Brisket as we speak. Will post...
  7. Corey John

    Greetings from Indiana

    Hello fellow BBQ enthusiasts! My name is Corey and I am an emerging outdoor cooker and fascinated by the diverse world of BBQ. I have fairly decent grilling and direct heat skills. I grew up in Central California and was raised on Santa Maria style BBQ, so direct/indirect was all I knew. My...
  8. M

    Masterbuilt MES 35B MB20070210

    My apologies on if I'm posting this in the wrong place. After some failed attempts at trying to smoke various things using our all in one grill, my wife and I decided to purchase an actual electric smoker. We ended up purchasing the MES 35B model for $100 at our local BJ's Wholesale Club. We...
  9. S

    New Smoker?

    I am looking in to upgrading from my current rig. I have a basic "Brick and Mortar" store bought smoker my wife got me a little of a year ago. Very cheap, leaks bad (I had to plug the holes up), thin metal, small cooking space etc. I think I have about got all I can out of this one. I am...
  10. Jaris77

    ***Like New Traeger For Sale-Check it out**

    Hello all, I’m new to this group so if I do something that’s wrong just let me know. I am painfully letting go a Traeger Pro Series 22 Bronz that’s not even probably 2 months old. It has been fired up maybe 15-20 TOTAL. Also used the probes just to make sure they are accurate. I have the Front...
  11. Whiskeysmoker

    New Braunsfel smoker age?

    Hey fellas/ lady fellas, I just purchased a New Braunsfel smoker from an old timer down the street from my house. Unfortunately, he doesn’t recall when he bought it or where he bought it. I have looked through quite a few threads on here and haven’t come to a conclusion of how old this thing...
  12. C

    New from Dahlonega Georgia

    I am very new to smoking meat but I have always wanted to learn. Today I have some pork ribs on my MES 30" for my first smoke ever. I bought my smoker yesterday. I'm excited about it and I have a lot to learn. One thing I can't seem to find information on besides terminology is proper...
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