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  1. J

    Upgrade my Traeger to What?

    I want to upgrade my 5 year old Traeger. Can't remember what model. I have been looking at a new Traeger and the Pits and Spits Maverick. I want more room, wifi, better temp control, etc What do you think? What should I go with? Pros / Cons?
  2. B

    Finally got a smoker

    After weeks of using a smoke box on my Weber, I finally got a smoker. I went with the Rec Tec 340. Breaking her in today with a pork butt!
  3. B

    New to smoking, question.

    I've been an advid griller and even cook for a long time but am just getting into smoking. I recently bought a smoker box for my grill and am letting my brisket rest as I post this. My question is, as I get more into smoking what are the benefits of buying a smoker vs using the on my...
  4. G

    Brand new smoker - vacuum sealer recommendations

    Just purchased a Traeger 575 yesterday and looking to smoke my first item tomorrow. First - suggestions on what I should smoke first, but more importantly I want to bulk smoke and freeze items and looking for suggestions for vacuum sealers for potentially heavy use (I also just retired!)...
  5. R

    First smoke, 8lb bone-in pork shoulder. Fingers Crossed!

    First smoke on my new Pit Boss Pro. Almost 4 hours salted in the fridge. Made my own rub, probably not enough. Rub was a whole lot of fresh ground pepper, plenty of garlic powder, dried minced onion(all I had on hand), a couple dashes of paprika, a dash of cayenne, and a dash of cumin...
  6. rwilli

    Hello from New Mexico

    I have enjoyed reading this forum and have learned a great deal just from lurking—thanks. I Joined the forum and posted a question last week and you folks were so helpful, it got me motivated to buy a new Treager Pro 34 inch with several add-ons, (cover, two shelves etc.). I did this while...
  7. HarleySmoker417


    I have ordered the last of the needed parts for a UDS that friend is building me for a Bday present. this will be my first serious smoker so I have a few Questions about when I get it. he is recycling the drum and burning it out three times, do I still need to season it when I get it? do you...
  8. M

    Good Morning From Colorado!

    Greetings everyone! Old vet here, working full time, school full time, and family all the time! My wife bought me an electric smoker for my birthday, and I'm anxious to get started. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (how much wood, timing, what wood goes best with what...ah hell, I have...
  9. Brisketandbutts

    Suggestions on new Smoker with roughly $2,000 Budget

    I recognize that everyone has their own opinions on what type of smoker is best, but I was hoping to get some suggestions on which one people are suggesting. Currently I'm looking into the Horizon 20 inch or the Yoder Wichita, both of which I would add second shelves, a tuning/convection plate...
  10. Reece

    New to smoking and need help!

    Hi, I am very new to smoking. In fact, I haven’t even smoked my first cut of meat yet. I was given an Oklahoma Joe Highland as an early Father’s Day gift. I’m starting with a few dry runs before I try to throw any meat on this pit. I am having issues with the pit maintaining a constant heat. If...
  11. T

    New to smoking and need advice on how much wood to use.

    I'm a total newbie to smoking. I just bought a Vision Komodo S series. For my first smoke I tried chicken breasts. I put 5 Breasts on, 4 wrapped and 1 not. I added about 5 or 6 chunks of hickory like the guys with this grill on YouTube did. Got good smoke for the first hour and a half to two...
  12. whiteysnapple

    Rookie Smoker

    So I used my smoker I received as a gift for the first time a couple weeks ago (Masterbuild - Propane) I don't really know what i'm doing outside of reading manuals and instructions. I soaked my woochips for about 6 hours before i started and they burned up in now time. Are you supposed to keep...
  13. A

    Smoker Design

    I have a 55 inch length of 24 inch, .375 wall pipe that I want to build a smoker out of. I have looked at Feldon's design page, but I have a few questions: 1) I don't have any 3/8inch plate. Would 5/16 plate be sufficient for the ends, or should I be using 1/2 inch? 2) Based on...