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  1. S

    Wrapping hasn't broke stall

    I am doing first brisket in a long time. It is in the 15-16# range and took about 8 or 9 hours to stall at 143 cooking between 230 and 240. I wrapped in butcher paper about an 90 minutes ago and it has only moved to 147 and has stuck there for 30 mins or so. When I wrapped I raised the temp to...
  2. floyd

    Masterbuilt Propane Smoker WILL NOT STAY LIT

    I have a 1 1/2 year old MB 20050716 Masterbuilt Propane smoker with the glass door. It worked fine for about 4 smokes, but now, it will not stay lit. When I go to start it, i push in the selector and turn it counterclockwise to high like it saves. When I hit the igniter it roars to life, and...
  3. Huebdoo

    Timer options for Masterbuilt Analog electric

    So I have a Masterbuilt analog electric which works fine however I want to be able to have it burn low and slow (as cold as possible) for smoking salmon and curing bacon. I know these pull 1500 Watt so I'm looking for something that can let it burn @ high for 2-3 minutes, then off for 10. Anyone...
  4. B

    Electric Smoker Popping GFCI

    I'm having a problem with a 40" electric Masterbuilt (20070211) where it pops my 15 amp GFCI when the heating element comes on, even though the plaque on the back says it rates at 10 amps. The GFCI runs all exterior plugs and garage, but it never trips except for the smoker. I changed the GFCI...
  5. B

    Masterbuilt Smoker Issue

    Hello everyone. Newbie here. I have a question about my Masterbuilt John McLemore Signature Series Propane Smoker. I just acquired this smoker over the weekend, and had the thought of smoking on it yesterday. I lit the burner, which worked fine. It had a nice small blue flame. As I turned the...
  6. P

    Welcome Master Bradley Auber

    I've been using a Bradley with an Auber PID and a double burner for a several years. That cabinet was on it's last legs so I decided to build a new smoker. Well, two actually, but this post is about the Masterbuilt. Sam's club had a sale on the 340G and I picked one up for 250. I was impressed...
  7. Suam461

    Adventures in vegan BBQ

    I'm not a vegan, but I had the opportunity to try some pulled jackfruit at Blue Pit Bbq outside of Baltimore and I could not get it off my mind since! There are a million recipes for turning this fruit into tacos and barbeque, but I couldn't find anyone who had smoked it! So armed with very...
  8. R

    Question about smoking ham

    so I have a fresh uncurled bone in ham I was thinking about making for Easter. My plan was to use pops brine. I just had a thought about making it boneless and tying it really good. I was just wondering if there’s some tips or tricks about doing it? And if it might be too small at this point to...
  9. Z

    Did I make a good purchase electric smoker??

    Hey just bought a new smoker tonight it’s my first one ever I was going to buy the smaller one I think the 130s I believe with the solid black door but chose this one instead for 300 bucks. from what I have read i think I have the hybrid model of the 3 models so with that note do I keep this...
  10. C

    Advice - 16 lbs Turkey in Masterbuilt Electric

    Hi all - New to the forums - looks like a great resource! I recently got a Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker (replacing a previous one I had that was not taken care of properly), and I'm familiar with smoking at a basic level. I've done ribs, chicken, and Turkey before, but not a 16 lbs one. I...
  11. R

    New member in New Ma

    Hello everyone, I am a new smoker but not new to cooking. Trained chef for the last 8 years who loves new toys and writing recipes. My latest gadget is a Masterbuilt smoker and I've spent the last few weeks trying out pork belly recipes and ribs. Not so great on smoking fish yet which I
  12. smokechump

    Please help me choose a 2-door smoker

    Hi I currently have a 1-door smoker, and I hate it because smoke/temp is lost when I open the door. I am considering few options. Few considerations: 1)I want a big(ger) smoker box, ideally 2)I would prefer to stay away from glass windows. I don't think it's important to look at meat, but the...
  13. c9belayer

    For Sale: Masterbuilt 40 Controller $30

    This is a Masterbuilt 40 Model 20070311 Controller Assembly. It came off a new unit that I hard-wired for a PID Controller. I figure this could be of some help to anyone with a burned out Masterbuilt Controller. It's worth something like $60 new but for half that, it's yours, plus shipping of...
  14. B

    Please help new owner of MES (30) ?

    Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to get my mes 30 to a consistent smoke ? Starting off by putting the wood chips in cold then running it at 275 for atleast a half hour then droping the temp to 225. It seems that the chips won't give a smoke at 225. Also are my chips suppose...
  15. M

    Masterbuilt 40inch 2nd Gen PID MES

    So my PID arrived today and went to attack this project. Unfortunately mine is not similar to the ones I see on this forum. My has three separate compartments: the heater element, the power cord, and the motherboard (pictures attached).
  16. M

    Masterbuilt MES 35B MB20070210

    My apologies on if I'm posting this in the wrong place. After some failed attempts at trying to smoke various things using our all in one grill, my wife and I decided to purchase an actual electric smoker. We ended up purchasing the MES 35B model for $100 at our local BJ's Wholesale Club. We...
  17. KrisUpInSmoke

    Nice to meet you!

    Hello, It's wonderful to be here at SMF. I was researching smokers and all of the awesome things I can smoke when I found this forum. I'm happy to be here and to have found so many people who are as excited about smoking as I am! I've enjoyed reading all of your posts. Sometime ago, I realized I...
  18. Suam461

    One year and smoking

    Hey all! Been lurking here since last summer when I caught the smoking bug. Thanks for all the tips! Bought a cheap charcoal Masterbuilt bullet for my husband to see if he would like it, but it turned out to be more of my thing than his. I had a lot of issues with it in the beginning, loss of...
  19. whiteysnapple

    Rookie Smoker

    So I used my smoker I received as a gift for the first time a couple weeks ago (Masterbuild - Propane) I don't really know what i'm doing outside of reading manuals and instructions. I soaked my woochips for about 6 hours before i started and they burned up in now time. Are you supposed to keep...
  20. J

    New to forum: Amazen tube smokers

    Aloha guys, New to forum and had a few questions. Have a masterbuilt propane smoker. Haven't made anything fancy. Ive tried to smoke different types of fish and have tried to smoke some wild pork and goat. Did some research on the masterbuilt, and found that I have similar issues to everyone...