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  1. P

    Inkbird ibbq-4T offline issue

    Hi everyone. So I've just brought the inkbird ibbq-4T, haven't used it yet just playing around setting it up and so on. I'm using the inkbird pro app not sure if that has anything to do with it I'm having an alarm go off every 45min-1hr, its an offline alarm. I turn the unit off by holding the...
  2. fxsales1959

    NEW Inkbird thermometer/probes carry case/organizer.

    hey Y'all sometimes when the warden is away from the funds account I get to click "add to cart." I can't remember if this was an Amazon suggestions or how I found it, but it's a real nice organizer. i'm a big fan of the Inkbird IBBQ-4T wifi thermometer with 4 probes. If you are the same you...
  3. fxsales1959

    burnt ends OMG

    "mornin y'all, I am nothing if not headed/determined. I have never dove real deep into the brisket realm. Firstly because there's only two of us here, and spending a$100 on a packer that I might F' up wasn't high on my list of experiments. The other day I was perusing Jess Pryles ( well, her...
  4. fxsales1959

    Inkbird support

    hey Y'all, First off I love my IBBQ-4GT ( until Saturday) I always check here to the sum of all Knowledge before I go willy nilly with support/warranty issues. I saw several posts with "issues" on support. I tried a pizza Saturday with relatively high temperatures. I had two probes at grate...
  5. pbrown86

    IBBQ-4T vs ThermoPro TP25

    Looking for inputs. I need a new meat thermometer. Based on where I monitor the temperature bluetooth distance shouldn't be a problem, but wifi would work too. Mainly just want a product that will last (and is in the price point of the IBBQ-4T and TP25). Anyone have experience with both?
  6. Daba's BBQ

    Inkbird IRF-4S. Very Disappointed. Now I need a new one ASAP. Any suggestions?

    Good morning everyone. I just picked up the Inkbird IRF 4S and I am very disappointed with it. I tested it last night and again this morning. Not only is it difficult to program, the instructions are horrendous, but the oven probe also doesn't work. I am doing an overnight cook on Saturday and...
  7. Daba's BBQ

    Inkbird IRF-4S - Very Disappointed. Now I need a new. Any suggestions?

    I just picked this up a few days ago and tested it last night and again this morning. Not only is it difficult to program the instructions are horrendous, but the oven probe also doesn't work. I am doing an overnight cook on Saturday and this is THE MAIN reason I bought it, to alert me if the...
  8. SmokinAintEasy

    First few smokes

    Finished the smoker and finally able to throw some meats on that bad boy. I started off with some lollipop chicken 2 weekends ago and last weekend I did 2 racks of ribs, 2 pork loins and some bacon wrapped jalapeños. Chicken turned out to be the best chicken I’ve ever cooked. Shout out to...
  9. SmokinAintEasy


    Got my new tool In the mail today, did the test and am surprised on how accurate this thing is. Can’t wait to use it on some meat. shoutout to INKBIRD on a legit product.
  10. Cj7851

    Inkbird IHT-1P

    Just got my inkbird instant read thermometer and already very pleased. Was happy to see it was charged right out of the box. I checked the calibration in ice water and it was spot on. Can't wait to use it for a cook Thanks @Inkbirdbbq
  11. tastetester

    Controller Questions for my Fridge Smoker

    Hey all, Long time, no smoke around here. I'm trying to revive my fridge conversion that I made a few years back and the thermostat is shot. So I need a new controller. What I'm wondering about are controllers that you can set time programs in. Do you find it really handy, or no? I have a...
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