burnt ends OMG

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Dec 17, 2019
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"mornin y'all,
I am nothing if not headed/determined. I have never dove real deep into the brisket realm. Firstly because there's only two of us here, and spending a$100 on a packer that I might F' up wasn't high on my list of experiments. The other day I was perusing Jess Pryles ( well, her website)and came cross her burnt ends"recipe". Finding a pre-cut deckle in Miami isn't an easy task, and explaining it in English is ever more fun. I visit my meat store 4-5 times a week to peruse. On Thursday I looked in the beef section and saw the most beautiful marbled 4 1/2lb "second cut" (as they called it) sitting there. I about messed myself when I saw $7.99/lb, but as I said earlier (hard-headed/determined). I won't even get side-tracked on the current state of inflation, so my $40 hunk of meat went home with me. I'm a firm believer that good beef doesn't require any exotic rubs... just salt pepper and a dash of garlic/onion powder. Rubbed it down nd let it sit for the night in saran wrap. since I was smoking bacon in my MES anyway, I threw a pile of Wally world lump in the kamado. added a few chunks of apple and hickory, and filled my metal holey box with chips of the same. Once it leveled around 235 I probed it(the brisket) with my Inkbird and set alarm at 165. when it hit 165 I butcher papered it and reset to 185. After that I cubed it and opened the vents and cooked uncovered smothered in my own Kansas-city-ish) sauce until the remaining marbling rendered out and sauce was almost reduced fully. (pretty hard to probe individual cubes, so it was eyeball only from there. The end result was the most deliciousest meat candy I've ever eaten. sorry to be so long winded.
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They look good. I too have a hard time convincing my " Accountant " to lay out $100 for Brisket. One of these days I'll get to play with a Packer again...JJ
If I could purchase only the point vs the whole packer I'd do that a majority of the time. Wife & I love smoked brisket but that point is just next level stuff and almost as forgiving as a chicken thigh. I want to take a tooth pick and get some of those bites! Who am I kidding, I could eat damn near the whole pan!

I did a whole packer this last weekend and felt like I stole something when leaving Sam's with it @ $3.89/lbs. Prices are definitely on the rise.
looks great from here.

I watch the local Kroger adds for sales and with the current state of affairs only buy and cook what's on sale...which is still rather spendy these days. I used to hit Costco but they are too high right now too. I gave up on the butcher years ago. the quality wasnt justifying the money hemorrhage and no one has noticed any difference in the product.
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