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  1. S

    Smoker went out during overnight brisket cook - HELP (in-laws in town 🤣 )

    I had a brisket on my smoker for an overnight cook and my smoker cut off in the middle of the night due to a power flicker during a storm that popped up 😡 . Checked the pellet hopper when I got to the smoker and it was still 90% full. Fire pot had been cleaned right before the cook. Grease trap...
  2. simpstasmoke

    Fire went out on Brisket - not sure when, doh!

    Hey y’all!! I was smoking a ~10lb brisket overnight and woke up to no fire (I ran out of fuel like a dope). I estimate the fire ran for no less than 4 hours, possibly up to 8 hours set at 225 degrees. It’s snowing here in Colorado so when I woke up internal temp was 85 degrees, there was a good...
  3. K

    Is pork safe to eat being wrapped raw?

    I am trying to do a Hawaiian pulled pork style sandwich. I wrapped the entire raw pork shoulder in banana leaves and put it on the smoker at 200. It’s now been 4 and a half hours roughly and it has reached 145. If I continue on to 170ish will my pork still be safe to eat? Beginner here obviously...
  4. C

    Ham Curing Mistake

    I'm just pulling four hams I had curing and am second-guessing what I did and if I have to throw it all out. I had my butcher split the hind legs of a pig into four hams so 9 to 10 lb each (bone-in) and about four inches thick. I did a brine which was about two gallons and 2 cups salt, 2 cups...
  5. N

    Turkey Breast Cook

    How long can I keep a fresh, not frozen, turkey breast in my garage refrigerator before I cook it? I say garage refrigerator because it might get opened once a day, I am going to smoke it the day before thanksgiving, and just want to know how early I can buy it.
  6. J

    Food Safety Question: Low and too slow?

    Hey there. Newb to the forum, but I've been smoking for a few years. (mods, please forgive me if this is the wrong location) Have a food safety question that I need help with. Hopefully there's a food safety nerd or two on here. I have a pellet smoker. Ideal temp for generating smoke is...
  7. ebbtide3673

    Summer Sausage Food Safety Question

    Hello! I'm fairly new to sausage making and making a 25# batch of Venison Summer Sausage. While making, I mixed the spices in cure into 1/2 the batch, then loaded into the stuffer, stuffed in casings and returned to fridge I then took the 2nd half of the batch of the fridge to repeat the same...
  8. Full of smoke

    Toss it?

    Was cooking a 13lb pork shoulder on the pit boss 1100 pro last night. It went on at about 11pm. Before I went to bed (1:30 am), the IT was about 135. Woke up this morning around 8 and smoker fire pot was out and reading 80°. The it on my thermo pro probe read 165° for the meat. Don't know how...
  9. Kkurtz21

    Oh no! Did I ruin a first football Sunday smoke?

    Hey everyone, been reading this form for a couple months now, have learned quite a bit, and now need some advice! I put a 9.3# rubbed up pork shoulder on my gmg at 11:20pm last light. Woke up 6am to find my smoker had ran out of pellets BUT the shoulder was still 143°. I fired it back up and it...
  10. fajitapot

    Fatties and Food Safety

    All this talk about fatties has inspired me to make some for the Super Bowl. But I noticed that no one seems to use Cure #1 in their recipes. Why is this?
  11. daveomak

    sous vide cooking.. Safe Times-Temps from Doug Baldwins tutorial

    If you need help understanding this "somewhat" confusing stuff, I'm here somewhere... PM is probably the best route.. Dave I think I did my best at transferring this data... If I screwed up, let me know... I tried to arrange it in a step by step format for easier understanding.... When...
  12. fensterbos

    Refrigerator at ~41° F - Brisket & Duck Bacon

    I hate to have my first post a question and probably one that is asked a lot but there is a lot riding on this. I picked up a (beautiful) brisket at Restaurant Depot on Wednesday and immediately put it in my fridge. I went down there earlier today and noticed that there was a bit of a smell...
  13. Rings Я Us

    Coconut Tree brand frozen Shredded Coconut Recalled for Salmonella

    I never bought this brand but it's a new and pretty widespread recall.