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  1. TulsaJeff

    How to Smoke Chicken (Video Tutorial)

    A while back I made a video on how I cook a chicken in my Hasty Bake Legacy Smoker and Grill.. this method uses indirect heat at 275°F with pecan wood. You can do this in the same way using whatever smoker or grill you have. Here's the video and the written instructions for the brining are...
  2. WaterRat

    Gumbo time! Chicken and Andouille

    Hey All! A week or so ago I had a craving and made a note on my desk that simply read "gumbo". Later that evening my GF said "I feel like we should make gumbo". Yup, that happened and so I had to make it happen. A day or so later the local grocery flyers came out: $0.99/lb for chicken thighs...
  3. chopsaw

    360 air fryer chicken . Thighs and legs

    Just a quick post . I messed around with some chicken parts last week . Came out ok . My fault , knew what I did wrong . Saw a couple of the guys used the recipe in the book with good results so ,,, Last night I followed the recipe in the book ( use that as a guide . then do what you know )...
  4. disco

    Greek Chicken and Potatoes

    I love the taste of lemon and Greek herb blends on chicken. I started by preheating my smoker to 350 F (175 C). Then I mixed a herb paste for the chicken: 8 ml (1 1/2 tsp) dried oregano 3 ml (3/4 tsp) dried rosemary 3 ml (3/4 tsp) dried thyme 2 ml (1/2 tsp) dried basil 2 ml (1/2 tsp) dried...
  5. dirtsailor2003

    Smoked Chicken Tortilla Soup

    Remember the other day when I smoked that Spatched Chicken? Well the left over bony parts (including the back bone and neck) I turned into 8 cups of of broth. I picked all the meat off what I could, and shredded the two breasts to make some chicken tortilla soup. Here's the base recipe: 2...
  6. dirtsailor2003

    Camp Maid Chimney & Chicken

    A while back I picked up the Camp Maid folding charcoal chimney to keep in my camp gear. The standard chimney is fine, but I don't have a good place to store it in the trailer. This chimney can be stored in a 12" D.O. which I just happen to have in the trailer all the time. As advertised it says...
  7. disco

    Honey "Fried" Chicken

    I haven't posted for a while due to my smoker catching fire several times. I have ordered a new smoker but it was back ordered and I won't get it until next week. I have gone 5 weeks without a large smoker. I have done some small smokes in my mini but it takes a bit longer to get up and running...
  8. mdboatbum

    Lamb ribs and chicken thighs

    Went to Wally World the other day and saw what appeared to be little tiny baby back ribs. Upon closer inspection, the package was called "Lamb Breast". I'd had this before, but without the ribs attached. I figured it'd be a good candidate for a dip in the sous vide jacuzzi. Started off at...
  9. disco

    PIA Piri Piri Chicken

    I like Piri Piri Chicken a lot. It is spicy, savoury and so different from other barbecued chicken dishes. I have made several different versions over the years but I have never really put my mind to making the best I could using all the techniques. It was time to change that. I decided to...
  10. dirtsailor2003

    Smoked Chicken Enchilada Casserole

    Been craving enchiladas lately so I decided to make enchilada casserole. Its super simple too make and you can change up the fillings depending on what you have or want. Instead of rolling them up you just lay the tortillas flat like you would like lasagna. Here's what I put in ours this time...
  11. gocatsbbn

    Contest cook. Need advice!

    I’ll be competing in my first bbq contest in about a month. Not a real big deal, just 10 teams. Mostly for fun. We’ll be cooking a pork chop, 5 bone baby back ribs and a chicken half. Any suggestions or tips on how to do these three meats for a contest would be great. Thanks!
  12. disco

    Za'atar Chicken

    I do like to try dishes from around the world and have read a lot about the middle eastern spice blend, Za’atar. I have been meaning to make it for some time but one of the key ingredients is sumac. This is not a readily available spice in a small city in the Canadian Rockies. I was in our...
  13. xray

    A busy week smoking (pic heavy)

    I was off work the week before Memorial Day. I haven’t smoked a lot lately due to the lousy PA weather we seem to have anymore...so the smoking bug built up inside of me. Well, the weather was fine and I scratched that itch! I ended up smoking a few things, so let’s cut to the chase. Chuck...
  14. disco

    PIA BBQ Chicken

    I love chicken thighs and think I do a pretty good job on cooking them. I have tried techniques that give crispy skin but have decided I like bite through the skin better. Skin that is not at all flabby, has a nice texture and doesn't pull of the thigh when you bite it. I have come close but...
  15. Smoked Chicken

    Smoked Chicken

    Brined then cherry smoke
  16. gmc2003

    Chicken Cordon Bleu: Readers Digest Version

    Chicken Cordon Bleu was mentioned a day or so ago in another post, and well it sounded really good. So since I hadn't had it a while - I thought why not. This is an abbreviated version of how I make mine. Some pictures are missing because I got tired of washing my hands. Sorry about that. First...
  17. M

    1st crack at wings on the WSM

    My son was sick today so I had to stay home with him. I decided since I didn’t get a chance to smoke anything over the weekend, that I’d give some wings a try on the WSM I’ve been learning over the last couple months. As this was last minute, I decided to just work with what I had as far as...
  18. grootsquad

    Whole chicken stuck at 143° HELP!!!

    Ive had a whole chicken in the smoker now for about 5 hours. 6.2 lb bird. Smoker at 225°. Chicken hasnt budged from 143° in over an hour. I did brine it over night last night. Is the extra moisture causing a "stall" of some kind? I know chicken isn't supposed to do that as it doesnt have much...
  19. loosechangedru

    Whole chickens with Disco's guidance

    I started thawing 4 chickens a few days ago, figuring I'd have a plan by this weekend. Nope. Thankfully, I got a few tips from Disco (Preacher Man, I'm making pulled chicken tacos your way next time around). I combined the glaze and dipping sauce from his Cambodia Chicken with his Piri Piri...
  20. Preacher Man

    Pulled Chicken Tacos

    Albertson's had whole chickens on sale (I've grown to love shopping...for meat sales!). Bought two and decided to make pulled chicken tacos for the game this past weekend. Started with the two chickens and brined them all morning long from about 7am til 3 pm. Took them out of the brine and...
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