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Jan 11, 2020
Sienna, TX
I decided it was time to try a direct cook in the warmer box and what better than chicken thighs?

Loaded a charcoal chimney with Kingsford Briquettes. Once lit, I distributed them in the seal welded ash pan. This was the first time I've used Kingsford. I typically use lump charcoal in my Gateway and BGE. The amount of ash and speed at which they deteriorated has me disappointed. They will be good for starting a fire, but not much more for me - the longevity just wasn't there.

Once up to temp, I added post oak and hickory wood splits (small) to give a gentle smoke profile while maintaining lower temperatures.


300 F on the Tel-Tru thermometer.

1. Prep chicken thighs (bone-in) by removing excess skin/fat.
2. Dry brine with Fire Dancer Chicken Rub rub for three hours in a foil pan, skin side down.
3. After 3 hours, I started my fire on the Shirley. While doing so, I removed the thighs from the garage refrigerator. Flipped them over in foil pan, skin side up, and dry brined the top with Fire Dancer Chicken rub.
4. After one hour on the counter, they were placed in the warmer over direct heat for thirty minutes uncovered to get a "kiss of smoke".
5. After thirty minutes, I removed them from warmer. I then added a pad of butter to each thigh, and wrapped tightly in foil and returned to the warmer for one hour and thirty minutes at 300 F.
6. With thirty minutes remaining in the cook, I warmed up some BBQ sauce in the smoker, Blues Hog Comp, in a foil bread loaf pan.
7. After the hour and a half had elapsed, I dunked each thigh in the warmed sauce, and placed back on the smoker to tack up. This step took a little longer than anticipated. The sauce dripped on the fire, slowing the heating progress.

Brine Time = 4 hours total
Cook Time @ 300F = 2 hours
Set Sauce = 0.5 hours


Prepped with Fire Dancer, skin side down and placed in the refrigerator to dry brine for three hours.


Thighs were repositioned to a higher grate level, I didn't want the flame to kiss the bottom of the foil pan.
After thirty minutes, I added the butter and foil wrapped the top for the remainder of the cook.


Sixteen thighs, smoked, sauced, and devoured... Skin wasn't bite through, but I didn't take the extra steps to make that happen. This cook was for the neighbors and I made it easy on myself. (I don't think they noticed)

Thanks for looking!

- Skip
Very Nice, Skip. I watch Chud's BBQ on the youtubes and always say I need a direct heat cooker whenever he uses his.
The ChudBox isn't cheap! I just looked the other day and they are in excess of a few thousand dollars depending on models.
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