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  1. R

    Queso cheese in sausage

    i was thinking about making some snack sticks this weekend and I was thinking about using queso cheese in it. Has anyone ever tried this and if so did it turn out?
  2. saltysandman

    smoking cheese and rest?

    hi all, is the resting needed due to the possible pathogens? is there a minimum time that's needed to sit in frig?
  3. McCann519

    First Time Cheese - Smoked, Rested, Still Not Good...Advice?

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice. I tried smoking cheese for the first time over the holidays between Christmas and New Years. I used my MES with the mailbox MOD and AMNPS with cookinpellets perfect blend pellets. I smoked half the batch for 3...
  4. McCann519

    Holiday Smoking Fun with Q View

    Well the holidays are over and so are my recent smoking adventures. I was able to try some new things to smoke, as well as mod my MES with the mailbox mod and AMNPS. I am still slacking on getting pictures at different stages but got a couple throughout different smokes. Christmas Eve, had a...
  5. GaryHibbert

    Finally started my Christmas smoking

    Christmas Smokes Well, as usual, I didn’t plan my Christmas Smoking out very well. So yesterday I figured I’d best get started. First on the list was some Smoked Pretzels for my Step-Daughter. Personally, I’m not a big fan of pretzels but the kid loves them. So…… Using a modified version...
  6. disco

    Smoked Cheese, The First Batch of the Winter

    A couple of weeks ago, the temperature dropped here in the Canadian Rockies. It was time to smoke cheese! Last year I didn't do enough cheese and I was totally out! I wanted to try a different smoke. I have always thought that oak whiskey barrel smoke has a medium but true smoke that would be...
  7. SmokinAl

    Homemade Mozzarella, it's so easy! Plenty of Q-view!

    First off let me post the recipe I went by. Then I'll go through the steps. Mozzarella cheese Dissolve ¼ rennet tablet in ¼ cu. of non chlorinated water. Heat 1 gallon of whole milk (not ultra pasteurized) in a stainless steel pot ( don’t use aluminum or cast iron ) on med/low ( 4-5 ) until...
  8. SmokinAl

    Muenster with the AMNPS in my Smoke Vault (update-ready to eat)

    Grabbed 2 big hunks of Muenster cheese yesterday at Sam's. Got a big surprise when I got home there was a package at our front door with my new AMNPS in it. Just perfect timing. I got 3 bags of pellets with it too. Hickory, Apple, and Maple. For today I put 1 row of hickory & 1 row of apple. I...