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brisket first time

  1. JustinCale70

    Brisket rubs

    Sorry if this is already posted. I tried searching and couldn’t find anything. I’m new to the group. I am building a UDS smoker this week after doing research for months. This weekend I want to smoke a brisket. I’m currently looking for a non spicy rub. I made a smoked pork loin 3 weeks ago in a...
  2. Rendr

    Brisket rescue!!!

    First time doing brisket. it's a 16-pound prime packer. I trimmed, rubbed, and sweat it for an hour at 2:30 am and I put it on at 3:30 am. The plan was low and slow at 225 for at least 13-14 hours. I checked it at 6 hours to spray with apple cider vinegar and the fat wasn't rendering much and it...
  3. Cj7851

    First brisket

    Preparing to do my first brisket tomorrow. I've done quite a bit of research feeling pretty confident. However, I do have one problem I have a small MES 35 and the brisket doesn't quite fit. My thought is to trim down the and possibly make burnt ends with it. So I guess the question is does...
  4. V

    Points, Time and Bark - How, When, Why..I'm confused!

    Hello All, My first time here on the forum. I've been learning to smoke on a Big Green Egg this summer and came to my first failure yesterday with a brisket point. It was overcooked, crusty bottom (I had fat cap up) and crumbly. So sad! I was following guidlelines from Aaron Franklin's book...
  5. capatin awesome

    Attempting a big ole flat

    We have some friend coming in from out of town, so I decided to smoke a brisket, some Mac and cheese, and some chicken quarters. The wife went shopping, and instead of a whole packer, she came home with an 8.5 pound flat. I have 2 delemmas. First, I've never done just a flat, and I just got...
  6. Omertron

    Brisket and Pork at the same time

    Hi, I am looking to cook both a brisket and pork shoulder at the same time. I am aiming to have them ready to server around 5pm and won't have a lot of time then to be dealing with them as I will be hosting and BBQing burgers and sausages as well. Each cut of meat is 2-2.5Kg (4-5lbs) and...
  7. S

    First Overnight for the 4th

    I decided to do my first overnight brisket to get ready for the 4th. It started as a 15# packer that I trimmed up and rubbed with coarse pepper and kosher salt. In it went at 9:30 pm with Hickory smoke between 265-280 measured right below the meat. The goal was 275 but I just couldn't hold that...
  8. Matthew Bonham

    New Here

    I've been a frequent visitor for a few years but decided to dive in today. I'll be smoking my first brisket for the 4th and am a little nervous. It's an 18lb chunk of beef and I don't want to screw it up. Using a large'ish charcoal grill as a smoker is the issue. I usually use my 22 inch Weber...
  9. D

    Smoked brisket for dummies

    Hi there. My name is David (Somerset, England) and I'm new to hot smoking. I have grilled for a while on charcoal and gas but I'm totally new to smoking having only just acquired a 18.5 inch Weber Smokey Mountain. I'm breaking my duck with a flat brisket when we have friends over in two...
  10. S

    Flat or Whole Brisket

    Doing my first smoke/brisket this weekend and I have one question: Should I do a whole brisket or just get a flat? Is doing just the flat appreciably easier than doing the whole thing?
  11. KyleCowden

    Tuning Fire & Other Pecos Questions

    Good morning from Flower Mound, TX! I have a new OC Pecos. While it was hot from the burnout I threw some flanks on and they were absolutely delicious. As the sun rose over Flower Mound and with coffee in hand I began my first brisket on my new smoker. So it’s early and I still have time to...
  12. G

    1st Brisket, HELP!

    Started my first brisket 1.5 hours ago and I'm up to 104!! Smoking on my traeger at about 170 or so. Seems super fast. I was planning to turn it up to 225 after about 4 hours but I'm not sure noe. Any friendly advice?
  13. T

    Advice! it

    Hey all! First time poster here :) So quick bit of background. I started off with just steaks maybe some chicken here and there. Moved to playing with a bit of smoke. And while I was stationed in Hawaii and we BBQ’d all the time we only had a small (kettle) type bbq. Since coming home I’ve...
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