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Dec 1, 2019
Brookfield, Ohio
Sorry if this is already posted. I tried searching and couldn’t find anything. I’m new to the group. I am building a UDS smoker this week after doing research for months. This weekend I want to smoke a brisket. I’m currently looking for a non spicy rub. I made a smoked pork loin 3 weeks ago in a smoke hollow electric smoker and I used brown sugar, spiced paprika, cayenne, cumin, garlic, salt and pepper. 2 cups of brown sugar and the rest equaled out to 1.5 cups. I thought it was very good, but the girlfriend said it was to spicy. Sometimes regular pepper is to spicy for her. So I was curious if anyone has has success with a non spicy rub.
Salt & Pepper work well with brisket. I use Tone's Restaurant black pepper. it's slightly more course than most table pepper but not too course (I don't like big chunks) and doesn't seem too hot? I use it 75% of the time when I use black pepper.
I use SPOG. However I don't really use it as a rub. I just sprinkle the amounts that I want on.

Let the beef flavor shine. I stick with the classic Texas approach of a 50-50 mixture of kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. Generously sprinkle on both sides and let sit for 30-45min then smoke.
I just want to thank everyone for replying. Sorry I’m late with the reply. I ended up using the 3/4 sugar to 1/8 hot spices and 1/8 others and it turned out good. Still learning how to perfect on my UDS I built.
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