"Yeti" clone drink tumblers under $10 at Walmart

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Nov 24, 2011
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For those of you (like me), who refused to plop down $40 or more for a Yeti 30 ounce tumbler, no matter how many days they keep ice, Walmart has a solution.  Apparently Yeti does not actually own the design patent for the vacuum tumblers they sell and China being China, they are knocking the tumblers off under different brands with another logo embossed on the base.

Walmart has the 30 oz. Ozark Mountain branded clones for $9.74 and the 20 oz. clones for $7.74.  You can find them in stock at your local store, but if you keep checking the online Walmart site, they will ship to store for free or to your home for free with a $50 purchase. 

There are a lot of online forum posts and youtube videos doing a side by side comparison between the Yeti version and the Ozark Trail one, and the results seem to be identical.  Not sure why you would need to keep ice in a cup for 24 hours, bit apparently this can do it.



They also make a stainless steel Yeti clone can koozie for beer and soda cans that is $7.74.  It's a lot harder to find and I could not find a link to it in their online store, but there are a lot of web posts about it so it is out there too.

I just ordered mine online as the local stores cannot keep them on the shelves.  They are in the sporting goods and camping item area if you want to check your local store (and sometimes as stand alone displays in the isles).  One of the employees at my local store said there is a guy who buys everyone they get in 75-100 at a time when they restock and people doing this is why they are hard to find in stores.  It looks like they are then doubling the prices and selling them on eBay for $19 all day long.   So for me, an online order was the way to go.

There are reports of roto-molded coolers that are also Ozark Trail branded for under $200 that are clones of the $500 and $600 Yeti coolers.  I have not seen those and could not find them on the Walmart site, but it would not surprise me that Walmart would also clone those.  From what I read, Yeti did not 'invent' their products but found a company in Asia that was already making them and branded them for the US market where they had not previously been released.  Guess it was good for Yeti while it lasted unless you just have to buy something with that logo on it.

Edit ---

I found the links to the Ozark Trail 73 quart, 52 quart and 26 quart high performance coolers, so I'm adding those.  Currently out of stock, but the tumblers were like this for a week before they showed as available online when I ordered mine.  If you are looking for these, just keep checking back to see if they come in stock again.

73 quart $194.00


52 quart $147.00

26 quart $96.00

Here is a discussion in another forum that has very good photos of the 52 quart model.


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