Wood trade?

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Aug 12, 2007
N. Oakland County, MI
Anyone up for a wood swap? Just a few lbs at a time, so I can try some stuff not local.

I have:

I'd like:
Any other woods not local to Michigan, other than mesquite.
I have a bunch of pecan wood. But its not ready for the smoker yet. I just cut it into chunks last month, so it wont be ready for awhile. Ive already used all my pecan that I cut last year. But I have some pear wood thats ready to go.
Only thing I have tons of is Hickory but I'd be willing to share a pound of guave, Kiawe and pecan with a bro for something else. I only ordered 10 pounds of each of these and don't have alot.
Hey Richtee hers a couple of pictures of the hickory and pecan wood. The pecan is in the center rack.

I still am! Hmm kinda lost touch with Mr. Smith... ya still wanna go MSmith? I have a cube of Cherry that'll let ya try it for one smoke anyway... damm big stick burner anyway...LOL
OK Richtee, as long as we are talking about shipping stuff, I have all the pecan and post oak in the world around here
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