Oak Wood? I’m guessing.

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Feb 26, 2024
Clovis New Mexico
I purchased this supposedly post oak 18 months ago. I was told it was post oak but don’t think so. It was purchased from
a wood yard. Notice the internal redness and smooth bark. Bark was not broke away. Anyway what is this wood? Red oak am guessing? What kind of flavor would this wood produce?
Sorry but couldn’t find the wood channel.


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Smooth bark? I don’t see any bark. The bark is gone. By the color of the wood…I would say post oak. However, I need more pictures. Especially, a picture of the bark.
I have a 1/4 cord and all the wood looks like this. I’m not able to provide a picture of the bark. Post Oak doesn’t have a red center that’s similar to mesquite.
I can tell you for sure its oak. You see how the lines in the grain are broken , that's oak.

But the guy at my woodlot says there's " 10,000 varieties " of oak . He can't pin it down, neither can I.
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