winter storms

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Jan 1, 2012
The Red Stick, Louisiana
just back from LSU-Kentucky basketball game GEAUX TIGAHS and an are the roads horrible...just checking on everyone else who is affected by the storms in the south
I just had a new bigger furnace and central unit installed by Sears yesterday! Now thinking insulation. LOL It never ends.

Ya know in honor of the win.... I am thinking a small drink for medicinal purposes only.

Later tater
Up at 5 am waiting on work call. roads worse this am than they were yesterday.
yeah its pure ice down here too haha! i started sliding driving home from basketball game last night and today its the same! barely made down the street before i turned around and had to call in to work...all the roads are all closed haha
LOL... they just came on the Emergency Broadcast System (that noise scared me!), and said to stop using water completely including flushing toilets and dripping water. I am laughing, they also said that any leaks spotted are to be immediately reported to 911. The water plant apparently is about to trip off and shut down.

You'd think they never saw a little cold weather before. LOL

/Opens another quart jar
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Rick, it looks like paradise to me. You should come up to Chicago. It finally got a little above zero today (before the wind chill factor), and it feels downright balmy. I was in Miami a few days ago and it was heaven, in the high 60s. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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