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  1. I just finished a wine barrel smoker and am really pleased with the finished product. I'm a newbie at smoking and the first (and only) smoke turned out well. I have inserted pics of the project and I got my inspiration from Denver Dave. Very similar to his build.

    The smoker holds temps at 210-250 with both intakes open and top vents 1/2 to full open. Still learning about this thing but I could not be happier with the way it holds temps right where they need to be. All this without any real input from me.

    My first smoked meat choice was a couple of tritips..small about 1.5 lbs. each. Wasn't sure how long to keep them on. I ended up over doing them by about 15 degrees IT. (160). The session was about 2.5 hours at 230 degrees. They were still delicious, and tender but no extra juices to speak of. I'll be investing in some kind of therm to see the IT without opening the lid. I decided not to hinge the top of the smoker so I could rehydrate the top a bit easier when it was needed after every 2-3 smokes.

    A short video of the 1st time she cooked.

  2. VERY nice!
  3. Wow - I like it!  You did a great job with that thing - thanks for posting  [​IMG]
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    I saw one on those and almost built one....That's beautiful!      Keep the top vent open all the time unless it's really windy out, do all your adjusting from the bottom intake vents.   You're going to love this thing!
  5. Thanks for that info FWIsmoker. For some reason I was going to try and control the temp with the top vents. You saved me some frustration I'm sure.
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    No problem, each machine has it's own quirks and takes time to fine tune.   You have 2 vents at the top vs my one but mine is bigger...that's why i'm thinking you're good with both of them both of them wide open. Here is mine, very similar to yours just bigger.  
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    Very nice. Good job

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  8. That's a beautiful smoker you have.
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    Not as much as your's but thanks!

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