Which drum should I buy?

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Aug 14, 2010
After reading all the great things about UDSs, I am going to try building one. I have done some searching for a steel drum and I called 5 or 6 different steel distributors or warehouses in my area and only 1 had a steel drum that was intended to hold gasoline, but no gas had been put in it yet. This would cost me $25. Then, I came across one on ebay that I could get shipped to me for a little under $50, which is a used food grade drum with baked enamel lining. It sounds like either way I am going to have to burn it, correct? Does anybody recommend one of these drums over the other?

thanks for the help
If the cheaper one has never been used then it should be fine and I would go that route unless there is something different between the two that you can see. Does one come with a lid and the other not or do either of them have the nasty red liner in it? Maybe make sure that the gas barrel is actually a new barrel. There have been several people that have used old gas or oil barrels you just have to do a little extra work to make them safe to use. Have you checked Craig's list in your area? That is where I found mine. Mine was from a local catering place that had lots of food grade barrels so maybe do some calling around and not to steel distributors look more for catering places or restaurants as lots of them get their stuff in bulk barrels.
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The one on ebay didn't look like a red lining but the seller said it had a baked enamel lining. They also told me that all used food grade drums had lining. I don't know if this is true or not. I don't know much about steel drums. I was told the gasoline one had a lining, but I have not seen it. Both do have tops.

I didn't think about the restaurant or catering route, that is a good idea.
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