A Real Smoker

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Jul 12, 2023
Finally found an excellent real smoker. My old one died after 30 years of faithful service. The new one is a Franklin Smoker made with 1/4" rolled steel. The cooking chamber has two rolls of steel with an air chamber for insulation. Took me quite a while to find a real smoker that has a firebox designed for logs of wood. There are some offset smokers sold at home improvement stores, but they are thin metal and poorly designed. And, I don't like electric or pellet smokers which is what is mostly available now, just can't get the flavor I'm after. The best part is that the smoker is not powder coated, you just season the steel so the metal patinas. I found this smoker by posting on this forum. Thank-you, it is hard to find a good smoker today unless you have it custom built. I live in Arkansas and had to have it shipped from the Houston area. Worth it!!
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Great to hear! Now that’s we’ve got the words…. We gotta see the pics! Dont be teasing us.

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Yeah, I think we're gonna need some more info. :emoji_wink:

Pictures would be great!! Who built it for ya?
Franklin pits are to the specs of Franklin bbq founder Aaron Franklin. They are built and sold with his name. They’re not a custom builder and only make the one backyard pit.

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Here are some pics. I didn't have it built. It is a brand called Franklin Smoker. Look at the thickness of the metal. Amazing.


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