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When a friend asks for ribs...


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So I've got a close friend who is from Mongolia, and he had some family visiting starting this weekend. He loves the pork ribs I've cooked - we often times have potluck dinners with several groups of friends, and I'm always tasked with smoking ribs. He asked me if I'd cook some ribs for him to serve to his family this weekend ... how could I say no? He said they were having lunch at around 11am on Sunday ... so ... here we go......

Up at 3am to start the Yoder YS640S ... I let it come up to it's default temperature of 350F before turning it down to 275F.

At 4am I put three racks of St. Louis ribs on. I seasoned them on Saturday with Meat Church's "Honey Hog Bacon" rub, and let them marinate overnight.

At 8am I checked on them, rotated them, and applied a light coat of bbq sauce. (I wouldn't have sauced them myself, but was asked to..)

At around 10:30 they passed my "lift test" where I lifted one side with tongs, and the meat was limp, and very pliable.

I wrapped them in pink paper, loaded them into a heated cooler, and delivered them to my friends house. He said his family mowed through them, and loved them. That's one thing I love about BBQ - when other people express their joy in what I've cooked, it makes getting up at early hours completely worth it.


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Those look like money for sure. I love the Honey Hog rub on ribs. Nothing better than when family & friends ask you to cook. It's the highest complement.


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Thanks for the like JC in GB it is appreciated.



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thats what its all about, i love seeing people happy to eat REAL Q! up here its few and far between but i have a couple of friends that request it, never turn them down cause they always show so much appreciation for real bar b que


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They say that Genghis Khan is related to about 16 million men living today. So chances are good your feeding distant relatives :emoji_laughing:, and it sure does look good to me. I'd be happy to be your relative.

Nice job on those ribs.

Point for sure


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Those ribs are beautiful!! I hear you on the good feeling sharing good bbq. Does the heart good to see people enjoy your cooking. Nice job!


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Thanks for the "likes" and comments. It is humbling to be featured in the carousel again. I'm a simple guy, and I like sharing my trials and triumphs on this board. These ribs were a triumph - It was one week ago I had the failed brisket fiasco; but people here don't judge, they try to help. Thanks to you all for being a supportive community of like minded folks that enjoy sharing great food, and great conversations.

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