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We had a new member join SMF today, he is @Ryder2013. He is the son of Sowsage Sowsage . Although we really have no requirement qualifications, let me tell you about Ryder-He has his own pit and is creating his own recipes.
Several Moderators and Admins have given Sowsage our endorsement of Ryder2013 joining the ranks here at SMF. The main reason we have given our blessing is 1- SMF is a family friendly site and all family members should be able to participate in these forums. 2- Sowsage has given us his assurance that his son will be supervised when he makes any posts to our pages.

So welcome and encourage Ryder2013 in his endeavors in the world of smoking meats. Shoot, in a couple of years, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't become out youngest OTBS member!

Smoke On!
Welcome to SMF. Never too early to learn to cook good food. Look forward to what you post. 👍
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Welcome from Colorado RyderD2013 RyderD2013 .
Great bunch here, I know you will like it and fit in well here. Feel free to reach out with questions when you need to, we will help all we can. Looking forward to your cooks and techniques.
Welcome Ryder2013 from Wisconsin. Enjoy this wonderful website and glean the knowledge from it's many great members!
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