Weekend smoke, Pork Loin, sweet goodies and Weber build

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Jan 17, 2014
Wisconsin Tundra
Getting nicer here in Wisconsin, wanted to get outside so decided to smoke a pork loin, first one for me.  I did it in three pieces, two of them were stuffed with my wife's stuffing mix and asparagus, the other was a feta, sun dried tomato, black olive and spinach.  I also made some Mahogany Sauce Saturday night along with Bear's Peanut Butter Melt-aways and some Oreo Cheesecake cookies.  Sunday for the smoke I took a few pictures that you can see, would have taken more but I was also putting together a new gift from the wife, a Genesis S-330 grill.  She told me I have been looking at hem long enough, it's time to start using one.  Plus, now I can quit walking through the new grill area every time I hit the home improvement stores, haha!

Stuffing with Asparagus

Spinach, feta, sun dried tomato, black olives

Two of them rolled up and ready to go minus the rub.

Out they come with the mahogany sauce on two of them. The small items are a couple sweet potatoes we threw in as an after thought.  All in all, pretty tasty, I cooked at about 250-260 and they came out moist but I think I could have done better.  Next time I think I'll try the 290 range to cook quicker since they are virtually no fat inside.  The mahogany sauce, our first time, yummy!
Nice looking cook! I'm going to have to give a pork loin a try soon... I've heard they are terrific.

Also, congrats on the Weber! I picked up a EP-330 last fall (Brick Red to match my Performer) and I love it, excellent choice.
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