Weekend Cooks

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
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Nov 21, 2006
WHats cooking this weekend.A big meat loaf and a Pork loin end roast for us.Whats everyone else doing?
I blew my wad last week on that brisket and shoulder
i'm going to smoke vicariously thru u guys this weekend..............although i do see a couple chubs of sausage in the icebox........and whats that??? BACON
Bought a couple of whole pork loins for Canadian Bacon. Will probably cut out a roast and will do a yardbird and a couple of fatties as well. Otherwise nothing special.

So far I'm just planing ...

3 racks of pork ribs (going to bribe my brother-in-law so I can work on my barrel smoker

2 Pastramis

10 pack of chicken thighs

2 JD Hot Fatties

12 ABT's

Small Beef Chucky Roast

Maybe a few onions

and some twice baked taters
i just made a big batch of pumpkin soup , very popular item with the cooler weather starting , we sell it by the mug in our take away shop .
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!! Pumpkin soup, you say, mate....

Now dare I ask if there is a recipe forthcoming? I'll be planting a few pumpkins soon.

think i'll try one of those lip smackin meatloafs, maybe rottisserie a chicken or turkey too..with a side of cornbread.... just got done vac-packing 10# of kunzlers thick cut bacon..heaven isn't too far away :).

...4/28....the boss said just do meatloaf so meatloaf it is..gonna use meowy's recipe with a few slight mods.. going to the market now for the ingredients ,,figure i'll make a couple of 3#ers instead of s real big one
have plans of doing a butt or similar... the missus keeps asking for pulled pork sammies

she keeps asking for meatloaf as well so that may be another thing going to happen if the pulled pork doesnt work out

going to store early in the morning to see what i can buy
i am doing two chickens whole beer butt style i will also do a fatty or two i have been waiting to try dutches sausage gravy it sounds good i will do the wicked baked beans and some corn bread maybe even some smoked eggs just to round it out oh and i just put 5 pounds of canadian bacon in the cure it is in morton tender quick method
I plan on 3 racks of baby backs......and gonna give my first run at pulled pork using an 8 # picnic....gonna use apple wood this time :)
O.K. T-bone, since i cant, i'm gonna smoke thru u this wekend

Gonna need lotsa updates, details and o yeah, some pics would be nice

Good luck and keep me, i mean us updated
Bubba,I will try to post some pics in the morning to help you thru the bad times.I have everything prepped in the fridge and ready for the cooker,
I missed that.Whats up with that Deb?My dream girl is fading...
Doing a brisket for Daddy in law's birthday tommorrow. Mommy in law is getting chicken from a local barbecue joint......................so you know I just had to do a brisket.
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