Water or no water?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by moses, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. moses

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    I have always thought that putting water in the water pan provides moisture causing your meat to be juicier and less dry. Reading a few post here and there I might be wrong. What does the majority do, water or no water?
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    I did a first time cook on my WSM with no water and it turned out great. I have been reading up on Harry Woo from the Pitmasters and he like Myron is a higher temp cooked (275º) and uses no water in his WSM's so I gave it a try.
    These were my first ribs on my new WSM by the way.

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  4. millerk0486

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    I have heard both opinions on the matter. I have always used water in my WSM. I think it also helps in maintaining the lower temps in my smoker too.
  5. moses

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    I have always used water in fear that my meat would dry out. I'll give no water a try next time or should I do no water and add sand?
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    I never use water in my MES 40 as I use a amazen pellet smoker, and the use of water in the water pan is not recommended, and I've had great results from everything I've cooked. I don't think it makes much difference in the quality of food, but using water does help your temps recover faster.
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    The water acts as a heat sink. In other words it absorbs some of the energy from the fire and keeps the smoker from getting too hot. There's a lot of debate over whether or not the evaporated water moistens the meat. Personally , I don't think it does. I use a foil wrapped brick in my water pan (in my weber smoky mountain cooker) as a heat sink and this moderates the temp in the smoker and my meat still comes out nice and moist. But you do need the heat sink , so if you minus the water you gotta add the sand or brick or some kind of material to fill that need. Good luck.
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