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  1. Hey just tossing it out there,

    Does anyone have any wasabi sauce recipes?

    Recently buffalo wild wings had a wasabi sauce for chicken wings that I thought was amazing. They no longer have it and I would like to make my own.
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    Wasabi (make a paste with water) + mayo + splash of lime juice. I use this at work for an amuse bouche with seared tuna and sweet soy drizzle.

    Sweet soy glaze: one lb light brown sugar, two cups soy sauce, two oz lime juice. Bring that to a boil and then thicken with cornstarch mixed with water.
  3. Awesome! Thanks I will have to give that a whirl.

    Soy sauce and sugar always impress haha, I use a Korean bogogi marinade alot.
  4. welshrarebit

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    Some fool at work put me in charge of my restaurant tonite! So, I made togarashi seared ahi on a bed of namasu "noodles" with wasabi aioli and sweet soy drizzle and then garnished with micro shiso leaves:

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    Wow. Sounds like a great flavour combination. When will you be in charge again and I will be over [​IMG]
  6. welshrarebit

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    This is basically a deconstructed seared ahi sashimi.

    Togarashi: Japanese version of Cajun spice.

    Namasu: Japanese pickled cucumber.

    Wasabi aioli: recipe above.

    Sweet soy glaze: recipe above.

    Shiso leaves: the main flavor for Japanese ume: pickled plums.

    I do live in the only state that has a union jack as part of it's flag!
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