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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vonk15, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Been a stick burner my whole bbq career if you will. Considering giving eletric or propane a go. Against my purist ways! Just wanted to know how disappointed i would or wouldn't be trying this route? Thanks
  2. smokinal

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    You may find that you like to be able to walk away for a while & not have to tend the fire. Nothing wrong with having another smoker that you can use without much trouble or cleanup. I  don't have a stick burner, but I have 3 charcoal, 1 gas, 1 electric. Honestly I use the propane more than the other 4.

  3. daveomak

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    I'm no purist...  I add smoke in my electric and finish most stuff in the oven....  With the AMNPS I can get up to 10 hours of smoke at 120-160 deg. F...
  4. Thanks fellas, smokinal,the being able to walk away and not tend it for 10 hours is prob the #1 selling point for me. Not getting lazy but for a less involved smoke, propane or eletric seem to be key. Thanks again
  5. chef jimmyj

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    Ten years feeding Charcoal and wood in a New Braunfels Offset. Made some great Q but rarely made Pulled Pork, too many long hours over night. I have had a Gen1 MES 40, with AMNPS, for 5 years and Pulled Pork is the most frequently made meat. I am also able to have total control over temps from 100 to 170°F for cool smoking cured sausage. There is a bit of a difference but not enough to go back to hours of feeding fuel...JJ
  6. Have you ever thought about a Kamdo style grill, like the Kamado Joe, or Big Green Egg? This type of grill will do great smoked meat, with very little attention required. I can fire it up and get my BJ stabilized a 225°, add my pork butt's, then go to sleep and forget about them until the next day..It also allows you to do high temp cooks, bake things, make Pizza and I do a lot of reverse sear steak cooks with my BJ.  The Kamado cookers are a great option and very versatile.
  7. So taste wise there is a difference? That was really the essence of my question was what i would be sacrificing taste wise. While ease of use is important the almighty flavor is what I'm concerned about. Thanks chef
  8. joe black

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    IMO, anytime you get away from wood or wood/charcoal, you are sacrificing flavor. It would be nice to walk away while my meat. Is cooking, but I really like playing with fire.
  9. paul6

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    I agree with Joe Black I bought a mes Black Friday as a toy , Love it for fish , meatballs did a whole chicken that turned out great but when it comes to ribs or large cuts of meat I always fall back on my stick burner.
  10. That's exactly what i wanted/needed to hear. Was wondering if there was any comparison and that answers my question. Thanks
  11. chef jimmyj

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    Best analogy I can think of on the fly, It's like Hand Whipped Cream and Readi-Whip in a can. Both are Cream, Sugar and Vanilla. Both are delicious but there is something more special about Hand Whipped Cream...I had no problem giving up that something special for convenience and sleep...JJ
  12. Nice, i get that completely

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