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  1. 20 lb. Turkey Spatchcocked

    Brine ready to go

     Ice for the Turkey and Brine

    Turkey waiting for its Debut Thursday Morning

    No 1 son came by last night and dropped off another 20 pounder, Spatchcocked it and into the Brine

    Fired up smoker at 6:00 AM, got turkeys out, rinsed, patted dry, rubbed with EVOO and my rub 

    Turkeys on the smoker at 6:45 AM

    Turkeys after 3 hours

    Smoking with Pecan and a little Hickory today. Started them at 300 for the first hour and let it ease back down to 225  holding steady
  2. waterinholebrew

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    Nice lookin birds Gary !
  3. boykjo

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  4. There's the November cover for BBQ magazine!!! :points1:
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  5. dirtsailor2003

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    Nice looking smoke going there! A full smoker!
  6. bearcarver

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    Looking awesome at 3 hours already, Gary!!!--[​IMG][​IMG]-----------------[​IMG]

    Awesome color coming in early!![​IMG]

    A lot of good eating coming to East Texas!!![​IMG]

  7. Looking VERY nice.  I hope mine just get even close to looking that good!
  8. 4 Hours in  just checked temps  both breast at 154   thighs at 160    getting close   Picture of the Bosses Pumpkin and Chocolate, Bourbon, Pecan pie. Made most of the other stuff yesterday finishing it off as we speak

  9. Oh man...I'd sure like to sample each of those. They look delicious!!!

  10. 5 Hours and ready  Have to find something to put those big rascals in  and let them rest for a while

    Both were Spatchcocked 20 lbs. each and cooked in 5 hours  300º for the first hour then 

    let the temp ease back down to 225 º

  11. boykjo

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    I love it....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ditto again
  12. I guess it was a big success here is what it looks like now, still waiting on #2 son and daughter-in-law They had some work they had to get done today

  13. These turkeys were super juicy and moist, got the smoke just right  Everybody had  seconds.

  14. boykjo

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  15. oldschoolbbq

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    Great looking Birds . and watch the Banner on the Home page...[​IMG]

    That Pecan Pie is to die for... I'm doing one for Christmas , I decrease the liquod a bit and add a shot of Grand Mariner . Makes it Goooood [​IMG].

    Have fun my friend  , oh, my Christmas list only has 'Pecan Wood' on it...
  16. b-one

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    Awesome looking birds!!
  17. Thanks everyone, for the kind comments., 

  18. c farmer

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    Great lookin birds.        [​IMG]
  19. bmudd14474

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    Great looking birds.

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