Turkey Smoking Advice.

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  1. The ball and chain happened upon turkeys for 79cents a pound, got a 22-23 lbs'er -- now she wants me to smoke it for thanks giving.


    I've only had the side smoker/grill since May, and havent actually smoked anything with it yet. I've grilled a shit ton of stuff, but nothing smoked. Is this suicide?
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    Take David's lead and throw in a portion of 'patience' and you're good to go...
  3. Started smoking at 2am .... I waited far to long to pull the bird out so thaw time was down to the wire. I wanted to brine, didnt have time, so I injected her to the gills and put alot of butter under the skin. Oiled the skin and used my favorite Thurkey Rub and cut and onion and put it inside. 

    I started with a giant bag of lump and hictory chucks and it kicked off nicely. I got the grill to about 275 and put the bird on ...... about an hour into it and I realized why people mod these grills (ill be doing that next weekend) while I watched all my smoke pour out of every angle. I did what I could to control it but the fire dropped to 200 and I struggled to keep it above that all night long. Panic set in and all of my plans went out the window. 

    I didnt even look at the bird till hour 4 (when I realized that in 2 short hours I would be out of charcoal and wood, and she wasnt near done) and I couldnt even believe my eyes!! I looked so good! I knew  I was in for the long haul now!!! I rushed back to the store to get more wood (they were out of the hickory and I had to get another flavor :(....) at about 7 am ... got back continued to struggle with the fire! :( I honestly didnt know if I was ruining this bird. Temp was up and down, lots of white smoke, very scary!!!!

    finally reached temp at 1130am .... everyone said it looked great, but it was until we ate when everyone told me that it was the best turkey they had every had that my decision was made ..... ILL NEVER COOK A TURKEY IN THE OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!    

    It was so tender, and had the PERFECT smoked taste!!! The skin could have been better, but overall I was told it was the best turkey many had ever had... I was so proud!! Thanks david for pointing me in the right direction, and now I just have to perfect my methods!!!! Thanks to everyone on this forum who's posted about turkey ... I probably read them all and they all helped! I cant tell yoy how awesome my TG was! You guys have inspired me to master this smoker!!

    I still have lots to learn about controlling the fire, and prepping, but im on my way!!!

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    Congrats on a successful smoke

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