turkey breast issue bone in 7#

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Feb 22, 2014
I started at around 325 at 530pm to get through the danger zone then i kicked back to 225 once i hit 140it at 3 hours in. I went to bed about 9 woke up at 130 amd IT was 149 @235 chamber temp steady, seems awfully slow.Im testing my maverick for calibration now

All is good with bioling test at 212 and ice water test is at 36 and 34

Calibration was good. I brought the turkey inside while calibrating. After i determined the calibration was fine i put it back on the smoker at 300. It finished at 170 IT at 515am. All in all it took about 11 hours cause ot was off the smoker whole calibrating.

Is this normal? I took a few bites it taste great but i wanted to research why ot took so long and if there is a risk in eating it before i fees it to the family. Its in the fridge now...
How are you gauging your smoker temp? My guess is your temp on the smoker is cooler then u think . I always run a maverick stuck in a tater to verify my cooking cages are correct. ....just my first thoughts
Just speculation but any chance your probe was hitting the bone, that'll give ya some weird readings ?? If your Mav is right on, again just thinking out loud here ... I've had some birds be stubborned as well and kinda stall while others have just sailed right thru.... Just my 2 cents, not sure if it'll help ya or not.... Maybe some of the others will chime in as well...

I have one of the grate suspenders that came with the maverick. Its hovered about an inch above the grate. The maverick is spot on. I thoufht about being on a bone too, when i pulled the bird inside i probed in multiple spots and it was within 8 degrees.

Is it safe to eat?
Man, I think from your first post it should be ok..... However I'am not an expert on that, if I were you I think I'd p.m. maybe Bearcarver, DaveOmak , Dirtsailor2003 or Seen Red , just off the top of my head as one of those gurus may have an answer for ya ! I don't feel comfortable advising ya on that particular question & want ya to be safe... Hope this helps !

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