Today's cook... a little bit of everything...

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Mar 21, 2009
Southeastern PA
Egg is fired up, lump charcoal and cherry chunks.

Beef ribs
Pork ribs
MOINK balls
Buffalo Chicken Cheese Balls
If you are not a carnivore don't bother coming to my house today. / message edit note
Oh Wow Elly!!!

Gonna be some outstanding Qview coming from somewhere not far from my house!

Sounds like a feast also sounds like I should have started driving to your house yesterday so I could get there before it's all gone 
All right - this is the only shot I got off -

Wings rubbed with Simply Marvelous Apple Rub - these were really good, the rub carmelized nicely...

Looking good Ellie. So do you have Jethro tied to a chair so he doesnt eat it all before you get the qview done
Thanks guys - sorry to leave you qview-less... Jethro was hungry - I could barely get the food out to the fancy eating table...
i think bessie and skipper stole the rest of the food

(10 points for who guesses who they are)
i think bessie and skipper stole the rest of the food

(10 points for who guesses who they are)
Skipper was Elly's Chimp.

Bessie was Skipper's cousin---hence---"Cousin Bessie"

I forget which one was constantly proving it was smarter than Jethro---Maybe both.

I still watch these when they rerun.

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