thinking of spring!!!

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Master of the Pit
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Feb 10, 2009
With the snow storm we had lastnight i needed a little mid winter pick me up!!! I got to lookin at some of our pictures of my farm and the fruit market to help with the winter blues. Thought i would show ya afew,may help some of the members with the winter blues like me!

 Here is strawberry season


 Some of our homeade strawberry jam


Here are some green and red peppers


Some green and yellow squash


Here is some from inside our fruitmarket





And some corn fresh picked by hand


Just afew pics from last season. I love what i do and can't wait till spring!...Thanks for looking, LES
You have a very nice looking place there.  I can see why you are looking forward to spring. Thanks for the tour.
Wow that's awesome. How many acres in production? Thanks for the pics feel free to add more for us to drool over
We have 300 acres of concord grapes 55 acres of niagra grapes,11 acres of strawberries,1 acre of red raspberries.Then anually we plant 35-40 acres oof sweet corn,3 acres of tomatoes,10 acres of pumpkins along with onions,green,yellow,red peppers,jalapenos,cabbage,beans,grean and yellow squash,beets,egg plant,watermelon,cantelope,peas,probly more but i can't think of right now. total acre for veggies is around acres for the whole farm is around 475.Its alot of work as only myself and my family work on it so we only have 4 full time people,my mother and sister work the fruit market we run the farm.If you have anymore questions feel free!! I have afew more pics i might put up...LES
Here ya go piney,i found a few more pics

 this is the farm from my buddys ultralight.





and some more random pics




If you all enjoy them i'll be sure to take alot more in the spring,maybe do a little whats in season type thing,let me know!
Very nice are there fish in the pond?
oh yeah,we stock the pond every few years...we can't help ourseleves to take a few for dinner every now and again!!!
I like the in season type idea if you have time. Looks like you all have plenty to do to keep up.Your farm is beautiful. The rest of us can only drool.
Thanks for the upbeat photos of your farm, it looks great. For me, the next 2 months are the longest of the year as it seems to take forever for Spring to arrive. Right now it's snowing here outside Philadelphia, can't even do anything outside which really sucks. Come on warm weather!
Wow dont know how I missed this one. What a great and pretty place you have. And I thought I had work with 1.3 Acres LOL
Thanks for all the kind scar in full swing of summer its no problem to work 100hrs. a week.thereis always something that needs done! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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