Made some Scones

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Feb 1, 2012
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Made some Blueberry and tried something new with Strawberry Scones.

Recipe is on King Arthurs web site.
The amount of the batter is designed for their Scone pan, which I have.

Sprinkled some turbinado sugar on them.

Can't make them too often as I'd eat too many of them. Haha

Blueberry Scones 2024-03-16_1.jpg
Blueberry Scones 2024-03-16_2.jpg
Strawberry Scones 2024-03-17_1.jpg
Strawberry Scones 2024-03-17_2.jpg
Strawberry Scones 2024-03-17_3.jpg
Those look fabulous Bruce. I can only imagine waking up and eating one before work.

Point for sure
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Here ya go Cranky, the dish and the recipe...
Scone Pan
Blueberry Scones

The Scone pan they have now looks like metal. The one I have is ceramic.
Looks like it one of those non-stick ones, so probably better than the one I have.
Won't break either. haha

The Recipe is the one I have. They have a boat-load of other recipes for scones.
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Thanks John ,
just checked your link, I said well that is great, it said $29.74 . I know that is a US site so I copy and paste to the Canadian site

Well butter my A$$, you know what . They only want $78.19. for the same pan, the exchange is not that bad ( it's bad ) just not that much.

So I will check around. For cast from them folks is foolish, a month or so ago I was pricing Lodge CI pans as Steve H Steve H was showing a set he picked up . I also through up at our Canadian price even at Bass Pro.


Sorry 02ebz06 02ebz06 , did not want to take away from your great scone post.

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