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    First: The all important bacon weave. ( I lay down a double layer of plastic wrap before doing the weave.This helps for rolling up later).

    Then a nice thin layer of sausage. ( I rolled it out in a gallon size zip lock then cut the sides to lay on the bacon).

    Then a layer of creamcheese, cold smoked sharp cheddar and green onions.( I also put this in a gal. size ziplock and roll out for uniformity).

    Then a nice layer of hash browns. ( I cooked these first to dry them out a bit ).

    Then some hard boiled eggs lined up down the middle.

    After the rolling this is how it looks.

    Place in the smoker at 225 for about 3 hours and you have this.( to get a nice shine I brushed with a 50/50 mixture of pancake syrup and water 10 min. before removing from smoker.

    Now comes the tricky part.Try to remember where the eggs are and cut perfectly down the middle of the yolk.I actually was lucky and nailed it on my first try.Then plate it up for a breakfast like no other.

    I was the talk of the family after making this and we now have requests from people to make this when they come up for a visit. I think this will be a recipee that stays around for a while.
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    Very novel and a great fattie!
  3. Out friken Standing Mike.

    I will try like heck to copy this, but, Man how in the heck did you roll that??  [​IMG]

    Great post and Pics....
  4. mike johnson

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    Using the plastic wrap is my trick.the bacon sticks very well to it and the hash browns were cooked first then laid out for a bit so they just didnt fall apart.The rest is LUCK [​IMG].
  5. Simply incredible.

    Been looking for a breakfast fatty recipe for Christmas morning and I just found it.
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  7. bigtrain74

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    I think I am stealing this one for this weekend dude! Thanks! Oh yeah, It looks beautiful!
  8. Looks awesome!!  I might have to try that for tomorrow morning. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Now I can finially try rolling a Fatty without getting busted. I mean the smoking kind. Wait a sec, I mean ~ Awe shucks, all y'all know what I mean.

    I'll give it a shot today with cream cheese, smoked salmon and avacado.

    Thanks Mike.

  10. Looks great. Gonna make it for the Family on Sunday. I will take pics during the process. **Fingers Crossed** never made anything like this before.
  11. GaryHibbert

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    That fatty looks fantastic. One question--how do you make cream cheese out of smoked cheddar and onion?? I smoke a lot of cheese and this sounds great
  12. mike johnson

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    I mix 1 block of softened cream cheese with some smoked cheddar and green onion. Just grate cheddar cheese and dice the green onion and mix with a fork.
  13. GaryHibbert

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    One more question. In my neck of the woods, bulk sausage meat is a rare commodity--sausage ALWAYS comes in a casing. So, |"ll have to special order it from the butcher. My quandry is--how much meat should I order per package?? Basically, what kind of weight per fatty do you use? Do I need to know?? Oh yeah, I'm just champing at the bit to do some fatties.
  14. fwismoker

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    You had me at hash brown!
  15. daveomak

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    Gary, morning....   Can you get chubs of Jimmy Dean type sausage ??   that works....  or plain ground pork and season it.....  or ground beef....

  16. GaryHibbert

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    Yeah, I can get chubs of JD, but I'm still stuck on how much do I need>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  17. GaryHibbert

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    You can't believe just how much I want to make this fatty (I have had to retype every second word so far). So, ingoring the drool runnung down my chin, just how big is a one gallon ziplock???????????? Around here, they are called a whole bunch of other things, but not one gallon
  18. bgosnell151

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    I Have never made one before but here is a link that will give you a general overview, including how much to use... 1 lb.
  19. dieselaw

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    1.5 pounds is the best amount. If you add too much the bacon weave will have to be larger than must bacon weave instructions. Smoking these fatties changed my world! Haha! I got away from just laying ingredients in the middle. I lay all the ingredients out over the meat, like the OP did with his hashbrowns. Fatty looks great! Such a good quick cure when the smoking bug bites!
  20. mike johnson

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    So did you make it? If so how did it turn out?

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