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Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokingd, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. I got the urge to go to my local butcher today if not to buy just to look at meat.  I wanted to try some thing different.  I spotted a beauty beef all wrapped and juicy lookin.  I swear the thing was whispering to me.  Anywho back to reality it was a boneless cross rib roast with a nice fat cap and beautiful marbling throughout.  The price $45.  Pretty reasonable (around here)  but if I came home with a 45 dollar roast I could just go ahead and pack.  After about 15 min of badgering I got Bert (my fav butcher and friend) to drop it to 35 with the promise I leave LOL don't haggle with your butcher in front of fully paying customers.

    This slab of beef is awesome.


    The cutting board this slab is on measures 20x20" and the meat is about 4.5" thick.

    But to the reason I am posting I have never smoked a beef roast.  Any suggestions on rubs,injections, stuffings?  Anything I am going to cut this down to 3 four lb roasts some for lunch meat and what have you.

    Any ideas would be great

    Thanks in advance
  2. mike in denver

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    I love rib roasts on the smoker..

    I inject with Butcher BBQ let sit overnite and cook to 140. Good for a meal and sammies the next day

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    Nice haul there Dennis. I would do like we talked about last night. Butcher it and then inject one and then use a good rub on one and then you can make a choice on the rest of the roast. Then get the steaks and grill them to perfection likie I know you can do. Then don't forget the Qview and let us know how and what you do to this thing. Are you gonna name it???

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