Thanksgiving spread…post ‘em up

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Apr 17, 2020
Southaven, MS
Leonard Thanksgiving spread…

Beans with beef, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, double smoked ham, chicken and dressing w/gravy (of course), corn soufflé, potato salad, and deviled eggs.
And my plate…

Full fat and sleepy!

What ya got?
That’s all some good looking stuff! I’m anxious about our birds, my thermometer on the smoker decided to take a crap an hour into my cook this morning so I’m having to wing it and gauge the fire as best I can… will post some pictures of them if they aren’t atrocities.
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And don’t forget desserts…
Pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, coconut cream pie, and chocolate cake. Yeah I had a piece of each with a big cup of coffee.

Dads food plot from his back deck for his “pet deer”. Likes to sit there in the evening and watch them come in to eat.

civilsmoker civilsmoker looks mighty good!

Thanks Jim, apple cider honey bourbon brined bird…. Smoked @ 265….i pulled the skin and seasoned under then put the skin back on….then a butter honey bourbon glaze……Once done I pulled the skin and then brushed the glaze over while it rested in the house oven at 145….i missed seasoning a section of the breast but I got the desired surface texture and flavor! Once plated the sliced turkey got brushed with glaze as well!

Oh had to add the whole pie pics…..both pumpkin just one with pecan streusel.

Oh and this was the first time at fondant sweet potato’s….bam bam those were tasty!
You guys have some spreads! Finished the first half of my thanksgiving travels yesterday and had a elk burger smothered w onion n peppers from the garden along w some overcooked pre PID goose sausage n chips lol. Heading north in a bit for the second half……when I return it will be time to hunt duck


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Chris_in_SoCal Chris_in_SoCal aint nothing wrong with a bought dinner. I’ve done the same from Kroger. And looks like Rema will be having a heck of a bash. Of course pics will be required!
Timber II Timber II good looking sammich. Good luck on the hunt!

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