Thank you SMF!!!

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Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Jul 19, 2010
Once again I am humbled with one of my smokes being part of the "Featured Item Carousal at the top of the Homepage  ..,.............e.""""""""""{{{   ".

It doesn't seem that long ago I was having a hard time smoking with the BGE.

Ran into a very old friend,Pops, on facebook and he sent me here.

Last April I was pretty severely injured and went from a harley dealer mechanic to a disabled guy.

That's what the video in my sig file is about.

I have had a great time learning and getting my new hobby rolling. It has given me much happiness.

This place is the most polite,well mannered place I have ever been around on the net.

So many helpful and kind folks blows me away.

Many thanks to all of you. Being part of this has helped my outlook get much better.

I appreciate all of you.

  I love this place!!

 Have a great day!

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And that's why I stick to this address.
Thats awesome. I hope that your recovery is going good.

Years ago I stumbled into this place.  I was a total newb at this hobby.  Not only was it the amount of smoking knowledge I gained, but it was the friendships I made.  I've been invited to several other smoking meat sites, and often I've considered it. But I've invested so much time in this place and gotten to know so many people on a personal level, that I don't see any reason to ever go anywhere else.

While I've never gotten to know Pops on a personal level, if he's a friend of're golden.  Few people are more courteous than him.  Ok, that's a lie. Most are just as courteous as him.  But only a few are as knowledgable.

I guess what I'm getting at is...I'm glad you found your way here.  A bunch of great folks here.  I even asked for prayers when my grandparents were sick and getting ready to pass.  Everyone was very supportative.  Weird, but I somtimes find solace in this place.

I saw the news story.  You caught a raw deal.  But hang in there.  And welcome to the SMF and our little off ramp on the informtion super highway.
Hi Craig - Jay just said most of what I had to say. He is one of the guys that I am lucky enough to call a friend and we went thru some tough times with loosing relatives at the same time.  I have been fortunate enough to meet several folks here in person and even more on the phone. We all want each other to be successful and love to help

Hope you mend the best you can and we are glad to have you here
Wow Craig, I've been reading your posts for sometime now & never looked at the video, sorry about your accident. Hope your recovery is going well. Congrats on getting on the featured carousel.
Wish you all the best and a full recovery. Have to agree with you about the people on this site...a great bunch...the advice and encouragement to newbies is fantastic. I've spent hours on here just reading posts and absorbing info. I think my GF's getting a little jealous of SMF...<grin>. Thanks for your replies to my few posts....Willie

Wow is right. I see and hope that your recovery goes on and on as planned. But I have been here for a relatively short time but I have met alot of really good folks here. I mean that they seem like they would do just about anything to help others who need help. I hope that your smoking days are continue and you have many many great smokes in your future my Friend.
Thanks for the kind words.

I have been pretty lucky as far as getting hurt.

I was at work and the workmans comp company takes good care of me.

The State classifed my injuries as a catastrophic injury.

The many broken bones are healed ,but still rather painful. The deep tissue injuries continue to get therapy.

The Shepherd Center is one of the best TBI (traumatic brain injury) places in the country.

I know lots of motorcycle injury guys that have faired much worse.

I fell like the time spent here is great therapy too.

 Have a great day!!


I saw that movie awhile ago, and knew about this just about as soon as you joined SMF.

However, if I didn't know about it, I find nothing in your posts that would suggest such an injury.

You are one of the best, and most interesting posters on this forum.

You have been an outstanding addition to the family,


 Everyday I see or hear more evidence of people being selfish and uncareing...That is why I like this site so much. Even though I have not met hardly anyone in person, I would do what ever I could if some one from here needed help. I too have learned so much here and am thankful to everyone for making me feel welcome. I hope your recovery is quick and complete! Drop by chat sometime...would be great to yak with ya.

Craig its good to see an individual as yourself has not turned bitter from such an event, I would just hope if it were me I could be as selfless and courageous a you.

I commend you

Thanks for the post.
Craig, I have enjoyed your posts for sometime.

I checked out your link a while back to get an understanding of your signature line.

We don’t always know where we are going or where others have been.

“They” tell me everything happens for a reason.

Many times I don’t have a clue what that reason may be.

Sometimes, if I am patient, that reason becomes clear to me.

Other times I choose to hang on believing that more will be reviled when I am ready.

It’s not always easy, it’s just what I believe.

I pray that your road to recovery continues to go well for you for very selfish reasons.

I believe you have much to pass along, on this site as well as other areas of your life

Good luck my friend. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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