Super bowl ribs

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Meat Mopper
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May 7, 2008
First off, this entire post is being made on my phone. I took all the pictures on my phone, and I am using the tapatalk app to make the post...

So I smoked 6 racks of baby backs for the super bowl.

I used colored toothpicks to tell them apart. They consisted of:

1 rack using Jeff's rub:

1 rack using Jeff's rub with a coat of honey mustard to make it stick to the ribs better:

1 rack with a coat of molasses with brown sugar and old bay seasoning:

1 rack with a coat of honey mustard and brown sugar:

1 rack with a coat of apple jelly and sliced jalopenos:

1 rack with a coat of hot pepper peach preserves:

I put the coats and rubs on and wrapped them in plastic wrap. I then put them in a cooler with some ice and let them sit overnight. The ice wasn't really needed because it's so cold outside, but I figured I wouldn't take any chances.

I wrapped my char griller in welding blankets to help it hold the temperature because it's so cold outside:

I then followed the 2-2-1 method, using royal oak lump with some hickory chunks mixed in. I had to modify (extend) the times at each stage by 30 to 60 minutes due to the ribs being meatier than normal baby backs and also because it took some time getting back up to a good smoking temp.

Here they are about ready to be taken off and foiled:

I actually only used the pit temperature probes. But when I calibrated my stoker I did 2 pit probes and 2 meat probes (how I normally use it). So I figured I would connect it the way I calibrated it, and just not pay any attention to the meat probes.

When I foiled them, I didn't use any water or apple juice. Instead, I slathered the apple and jalopeno ones with a thick coat of apple jelly and more sliced jalopenos. I also poured in a little of the juice from the sliced jalopeno jar. The hot pepper peach ones got slathered in a thick coat of hot pepper peach preserves. All the rest got slathered in barbecue sauce, a little butter thrown in, some honey, and some brown sugar.

The finished product had a little more tug than I like but was still fall off the bone. Each rack was a different color too. All tasted very good:
They look GREAT... How were the ones with the Japs...
Not sure which ones i liked the best. They were all pretty good. I was hoping to say which ones were my clear favorite when I made the post. It didn't work out that way though. 
Awesome post I like the idea of the Hot Pepper Peach preserves.

Way to think outside the box well done.

I have to agree this is a great post and the ribs look like they were awesome too.
Yup - I would go for some of the hot peach too - great looking ribs is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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