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Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

Hawging It

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I found out I had Type 2 diabetes back in May. I was shocked as well as pissed off about it. For the record, I have never had any medical issues. A common cold and broken collar bone twice. That’s it. Lucky I guess. Over a 20 period I put on 50 pounds. Not soft 50 pounds as not a couch tater but weight was to much. Lost down to 193 pounds thinking it was the dreaded C. Put it out of my mind and told myself I’m ok. When I started peeing every 2 hours 24/7 and my toes felt like I stuck em in a light socket I broke down and saw my doctor. I knew what I had but he confirmed it. My A1C was 14! That’s as high as is humanly possible. Sugar was so high he said I could fall into a coma at any time. That very day actually. Pulled enough blood to kill a horse. All organs perfect according to all the test. Started on Metformin that day and extremely lo carb and zero sugar diet. Went back today to doctor. Same test but different results. A1C 6. All organs perfect. Weight 198. I said all that to say, don’t be a hard ass like I was. Get sugar checked. Doctor said been walking around a diabetic for couple of years most likely. Now to the good stuff. I buy every Sugar free sauce I can find. The best I have found is Kinder’s. (Not shown) the other two shown are very good as well. Oh, ketchup is great!!

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Glad to hear you caught the problem in time. I've been a fat guy all my life. But, to date, my Sugar has been good. I do get tested regularly as you never know...JJ


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I am also, slipped up to a 7 on mine this last ck, been sedentary for over a month with the virus and then a hurt back, back at it trying to drop the numbers, 15 or so years of taking metformin and wondering if it is starting to not work, love the Hughes sauce when I need the fix lol


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Watching this video is what got me on track. I have now watched every one of his video's and down 30 lbs now and 6.2 A1C last check up.



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I was at a high of 10.4 down to 6.0. I slipped back up to 6.4 most recently. Starting a more sedentary job in March and then starting a culinary program in September really didn't help. Doctor kicked my butt at a visit yesterday, so time to get serious again. Switched to more vinegar sauces as they tend to be lower in sugar.


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I wish they would make salt free rubs & sauces. I make my own, but I sure would Like to see Tony C make a salt free injection, my favorite is the jalapeño/butter injection. And the ham injection doesn’t have any salt in it.


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Glad to hear things are going in the right direction for you. Keep up the good work.


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My A1c has bounced up and down over the years, I don't mind the sugar free BBQ sauces until I try and use them on the grill. I guess it is the lack of sugar, they don't burn or carnalize well and seem to taste more aspertamey aft as well.


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Not to long ago. I saw SBR sugar free BBQ sauce on the grocery store shelves.

Not sure if anyone here as tried it. I haven't, but know SBR original is very popular.

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