Storage Tips?

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Feb 13, 2006
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I've been reading about pork butts for the last 15 minutes or so and I'm conviced the Boy and I will have to smoke one. Luckily we're very close freinds with a fresh pork resource. I've also always been a bulk buyer and I tend to hoard meat in the freezer just in case it's not on sale anymore when I come back. It's so much eaiser to cook for 6 than it is for two.
However all this bulk buying and mass cooking causes a problem. There just aren't that many people comming to dinner and there are only so many nights I can searve/eat the same leftovers without getting board.

Which brings me to my main question. If, well I should say when, I smoke a pork butt what is the best way to store the leftovers for later use. Can I just seal in an airtight ziplock bag and throw it in the freezer. How long will it keep in the fridge or frezzer? I'd also be interested in storage tips for other types of smoked meat. It would be so much easier and a much better use of time to smoke many types of meat at once rather than just what we plan to eat for dinner that night and storage tips will definatly help me do that.
Lady J-(that sounds so classy :D )-Zip top baggies are a good way to go for storage of leftovers. You should keep leftovers in the Fridge no longer that a week, if you freeze your leftovers be sure to use it within a couple of months time. Several of us have purchased a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer (there are a number of models to choose from), since this unit removes a lot of the air from the bag the food tends to last a bit longer in the fridge and freezer.
Lady J , The Food Saver is the absolute way to go!! I have been using one for a few years now and it is truely a great product. I have had freshly frozen meats and game birds last 2 years in the freezer....and after cleanin the freezer I found some venison steaks that were 3 years old...took em out and defrosted them...and they were as good as if you would have just froze em last week.

I wrap my pieces in a plastic wrap, then butcher paper....then food saver bags. Like I said the ylast quite awhile.
As far as the leftovers go ive never let them be in the freezer longer than 2 months...I look at it and think to was that good....and it gets re-heated right sure it would last longer.

Also if you have a problem gettin board with your recipes and left over grub, ill give you my address and you can send it on up to eat it !!!!
By all means, a FoodSaver vacuum sealer is the way to go. My wife bought me one for about $70 last summer ( I think she got tired of trying to find room in HER fridge). Now, I just seal up any leftovers and store 'em in the freezer in the garage. I also like to by bulk meats and separate the packages into individual meal sized portions. Fresh meats can be kept for at least a year when vacuum sealed. I am also an avid fisherman, and IMHO, there is no better way to preserve a days catch and still guarantee that "fresh caught" flavor. In fact, writing about this reminds me that I have some nice walleye fillets that I caught last summer that I think I'll thaw for dinner tomorrow...mmm

Ditto on the Food Saver.

But did you know the leftovers can be used for sandwiches, tacos, burritos, omlets, chili, pot pies, casseroles, ABT's, stew, etc... The list goes on.
Lady J

I concur with the others regarding the vacuum seal device offered at Walmart and other locations...

This is a true story...I was attending a birthday party at my sister-in-laws when she broke out what seemed to be fresh strawberries in Maine in January!

When I asked her where she aquired such a fresh bunch of really ripe berries she informed me that they were Three years old and had been vacuum sealed in just such a device...Eliminate air and you eliminate the possibility of freezer burn!

LadyJ Im glad youve joined us here.Anything you need to know can be found in this forum.Im sure such a pleasant Lady such as yourself will have no trouble getting help and again welcome.David

Standard sealer bags can be bought in either quart or gallon size. Also you can buy a bulk roll and customize your bags size as needed. I generally divide my leftovers and fresh meats/fish into individual meal sized portions and thaw as needed. Whenever I plan to cook larger things like full packer briskets or pork shoulders in quantity, I buy them fresh as needed and simply store the leftovers.

This reminds me of the camp that I work at during the summers. It's funny to hear the new kitchen staff proclaim that "just about everything comes out of a bag, even the MEAT!" is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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