Stoker vs Guru

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Jul 24, 2010
Blanchester, Ohio
Whats everybody's recommendation? Here's what I want to use it for.  I'm building a stumps clone right now.  So I will be hooking the fan up to the ball valve which controls my air intake/ fire.  I LOVE the fact that the stoker can connect to my interwebs for easy temp monitoring. I don't need a multi pit monitor right now.  But I definitely would like 1-2 pit temp probes, with 2+ meat probes.

That's my whats your thoughts?


To my knowledge there are not a lot of folks on here that use temp controllers, a lot of old school bbq guys here. I don't know about the stoker, but I heard a lot of good things about the guru. I would look at both & see which one fits your requirements the best. Good luck & let us know what you decide.
I'm assuming that you have a home network right now. The Stoker can connect to your network either directly or wirelessley. I have my home wired with access points that are near to where I do most of my cooking. I have used the Stoker on the UDS and the Big Steel Keg. Works great on both of them. Witch ever you end up getting I think you'll be very pleased with your purchase.

Thanks for the responses I like tending to the fire and doing it the old school as well. My interest into the stoker/guru is for speeding up the initial warm up, and for being able to keep stable temps if I have to be gone for an hour or two during a big smoke

Does the guru support net connectivity?
I have a brand new Guru and have not even used it yet.. To tell ya the truth my WSM holds temp. so well i don't even think i will need it.. Maybe for them long low and slow nights when i have a pork butt in and want some sleep other than that don't' see me using it.. I will say that the guru is well built and the customer service is great..

I would love to hear which system you choose and how well it works. I am in the plannng stages of a clone myself and would love to have a temp control on it, just not sure which one would be better.

I would love to see what ya got planned. Stumps are awesome rigs.


These two are pics of the frame work.  I used 1" square tubing for it.  going to skin the inside, sandwich insulation in, and skin the outside.  Its going to have 5 removable shelves and a 5" exhaust.  I hope to get the firebox built, and at least some of the skinning done this weekend.  i will post more pics when I do.

Here is the design im going off of for the firebox/charcoal chute:


Let me know what ya think!
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The chute pic is exactly what I am planning. Mine will be about 4' wide with double doors and 4" tall. My plan is to work out the numbers so that I can use a full sheet 4x10 or 5x10 for the outside skin.

I am also planning to reinforce the chute area of the side wall so I can bolt the chute to the cabinet.

Looking at the pic, I am wondering if it will cause a hot side because of the length. I think I am going to plan my long like in the pic and if needed I can unbolt it and cut holes in the side and reinstall.

Here is a shot of what I am planning. With high hopes and a long summer I may have a chance. Its a rough drawing but its close.

ha! ive seen that pic before, even printed it out for ideas! :-)

My only comment on your plan, is to include insulation around your fire box and ash box.  Mine will be fully enclosed for that, and should be alot more fuel efficient as it wont lose as much heat.  However, i do think it looks really cool to have the whole charcoal chute outside.  lol
steel hasnt arrived yet for the skinning.  hopefully early this week. However, I plan on getting the charcoal chute wrapped up and installed on tuesday.  I will post more pics then.
Nice work, what do ya got hooked to the other end of that mig gun I see sitting there?

I tell ya what, this freaking hudler who ever is really getting under my last nerve. For the last 3 nights I have responded to post, lengthly ones at that, and WOOF now there gone. 

caleb, I responded last night and now I can't even remember what I posted but I did. I even came back to it last night and looked it over again for spelling and it was here. Now its gone. Anyways, great work.

Oh I remember now. I do plan to skin the chute area of mine just not sure what I want. And how I want it. I need to be able to remove the chute so I dont want to trap it too bad. 

OK here is the big moment, lets see if this will post or not. 
ok, sorry for the delay in updates...been working long hours and havent had much comp time.  But heres the progress:

to answer about the MIG:


and this little beauty for slicing steel:








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