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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by sneaky pete, Dec 19, 2007.

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    Old Sneaky here: I'm new to this web site but have been smoking since the early 70's and am looking for some Plum wood for smoking. My 1st name is Geno and I live just South of that third world country Miami/Dade Florida,in the "Fabulous Florida Keys" I'm am ordained minister and a disabled, retired Master Sergent of 30 years(US Army/USMC). I began smoking with a sripped out refridgerator,a hot plate, and a cast iron frying pan. At that time we were smoking Coho Salmon freshly speared in the discharge flumes of an electric power plant on Lake Michigan, using white oak, hickory and apple. Had a lot of oak and hickory at the house and there were a lot of apple in the farm just down the road. After moving to the Keys began smoking on barrel smokers (home-made) and even gas grills. BUT-- then I went to MIM and saw numerous types of smokers. By that time my barrel smoker had been rusted away bcause of Hurricne Georges in '98 and i was in the market for something that was work saving and effective in turning out excellent BBQ. I finally settled on "Cookshacks"mod#055.which is what i'm using now. I feel that it compliments my personality. minimum effort--maximum results. I mean how easy does it get. Like a whole brisket--put on the rub and maranade, age at least over nite put a small ammount of wood ( I like peacon or apple for brisket) in the wood box put the brisket in the smoker and insert the thermometer probe in the meat, close the smoker door and set the thermostat to 225 and go to sleep. about 12> 18 hours (depends on the weigh) the internal is 185 and it's time to remove/rest/ and pig out with some sour dough bread, raw onions, and lot of cold beer.. I smoke pork, beef , poulry and sausages. NO fish will ever be smoked in my cookshack. After you all have read this I need to stil request any information on where I can buy PLUM wood. About 5 lbs+/-. I want to try it on some pork ribs and shoulder. in asking around someone said that if i couldn't find any Plum I might try Peach, that the flavor is veery similar to plum BUT I wonder???? Thanx for listening(reading) and I hope that someoneout there can help me find some Plum wood THANX--SNEAKY
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    Sneaky Pete, welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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    Welcome to the forum. Can't help on your search for wood, but can vouch for peach being good stuff when you can get it.
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    To Smokeybuzz . THANX for the tip on I clicked on, saw that they had what I wanted, called them up & ordered 10 lbs. Nice people to talk to. I'll be doing all my wood business with them
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    Welcome Sneaky! See why folks hang out here? [​IMG]
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    Pete, i live about 20 miles from them, have to avoid them, hard to drive by. they are great folks ,i got my Horizon there and MANY other items. i useally spend too much time there, talken and learning.

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