Stainless Stuffer Tubes on Grizzly 5lb

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mickey jay

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Feb 29, 2012
Lynnwood, WA
Anyone know what stainless stuffer tubes will work on the Grizzly 5lb stuffer? I just measured the plastic ones that came with it and they are 1 1/2", vs 1 9/16" at LEM. It's only a sixteenth, but the plastic nut that holds the tubes on looks to be pretty tight.

Thanks all!
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My 5# stuffer is branded "Kitchener" but I think they are the same. My tubes also measure 1 1/2. Sausage Maker sells stainless tubes that are 1 1/2"
I also have the 5# Kitchener and I purchased the LEM small 3/8 ID tube to use with the 19MM Smoked Collagen casings from Sausage Maker. The tube fits perfectly on this stuffer.
Ah perfect; thank you! I've never ordered from TSM; might have to have a look around although I do have a new shipment of goodies inbound already from Butcher Packer haha.

While we're on the topic of stuffers, might anyone know where to find a metal screwcap/endnut? (ya know the piece that screws onto the stuffer body which holds the tubes on). My plastic stock one came from the factory sort of stripped, and it's only gotten worse over the years. TSM and Grizzly want 13+shipping which seems sort of like a bad deal for a piece of plastic. Idk.. maybe it's time to upgrade from the 5lb anyway.
I really like the casings from TSM and I use the Flat Collagen Pre-Tied 65MM for my Salami making. They take both five hours of Smoking and 45 minutes in a 170 degree hot water bath to achieve a 152 degree IT. I just started using my Sous Vide unit to do this so I have an exact 170 degree water temperature and I put the Salami in two gallon ZipLoc bags and then into a big stock pot. This method works better than the old electric roaster I used and the Salami was in the water. I also use the smaller 19, 32,38 MM Smoked Collagen casings for snack sticks, kielbasa, Andouille and Lop Chong sausage. They are easy to use and last a long time in the refrigerator in sealed Ziploc bags. There other products like Cures and equipment are all quality. Related to your comment on the stuffer, I upgraded to a LEM 10 pound stuffer and I really like if for stuffing snack sticks due to the heavy duty design. I have only two negatives about it and one is the weight of it and the other is the amount of meat left in the bottom tube leading into the stuffing tube. But it would not be so powerful if it was not well constructed. I do not have to add water to my snack stick recipe to get it through the small tube for my 19MM casings with this new stuffer. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.