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Feb 3, 2024
Portland, OR
I have a ZENY brand 2 speed 5 lb. stuffer I bought online a while back; the price was right and it's a great machine. For my first batch of snack sticks I bought a 1/2" tube from the Sausage Maker, and it didn't fit; the bell was too small, and it never tightened completely.
So I did some searching online, and found that the HAKKA stuffers look the same, so I ordered one of their 10mm tubes; it fits perfectly. I believe the HAKKA Bros. manufacture a range of stuffers that other brands license, including ZENY. I assume that the parts available on their site will fit other brands that look the same as my ZENY.

That looks very much like my buddy’s Cabelas brand stuffer, it’s two speed as well.

I have a 10mm tube for my 5# LEM it’s kinda tough to push the meat through that little tube. The 1/2” O.D and 3/8” I.D snack stick tube is just right.
Running that same tube now on my 10# LEM electric stuffer, it’s incredible.
That looks exactly like my Hakka, except mine is a horizontal stuffer.

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