WARNING... LEM 5lb Mighty Bite Stuffer

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JckDanls 07

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Sep 10, 2011
Tampa area, Florida.
So I've had my stuffer for somewhere around 5 years now without a lick of problems.... That is until a few days ago...

Be VERY careful not to over tighten (crank down real tight) the set screw in the handle when putting it on the hex shaft... Mine (I) stripped out the threads in the handle (not the set screw)... So I guess I'm going to take it to work and drill it out and tap it for the next bigger set screw...

So just keep an eye on it and don't crank down on it to hard and strip it out...

You've been warned...

Carry On
Yeah, I had issues with mine staying tight, so rather than tighten it a bunch I blue loctite the little bugger and has been fine since, and no I don’t remove the handle when storing.
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I put the handle on it when I got it, and there it stays. Never had an issue with it coming loose.
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Thanks for the warning, Keith. I also remove the handle when storing. Thankfully you have the ability and the means to fix it...
I hardly tighten mine at all... just enough so it doesn't fall off while cranking, and I do take it off for storage. Now the set screws on my rotisserie are a different story. They get cranked down.
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