St. Louis style ribs?????

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  1. I have started seeing adds for St. Louis style ribs in my local grocer. What exactly are these and are the different from Baby back ribs??
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    Trim them yourself it's a lot cheaper. 
  4. All they are is trimmed spares.  Listen to SmokinAl and save the money, this coming from a St. Louisan!?!  I prefer to leave the flap of meat on there for extra meat.  They're not as pretty, but they're meatier...
  5. Thanks everyone, I went to buy some spareribs and the St. Louis style were on sale for about the same price, they were very good and meaty. Next time I may trim them my self. The link that Bearcarver provided was very helpful.

    Bearcarver have you ever been to Mississippi? I stayed at a campground near Hattiesburg, Mississippi and there were abour thirty carved bears around the park that some camper had carved, like the one in the attached picture.[​IMG]
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    That guy's style looks familiar. Everybody has a distinct style. That one leans toward the cartoon bear, which is the biggest portion of carved bears. I always tried to make them look as real as I could, instead of cartoon. It takes a lot longer, but to me, it was worth the extra effort. They are ALL nice, no matter which style is used.

    Here are 2 of my last ones, before I had to quit (left click to get a closer look):



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