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Quick question folks....

I KNOW that I saw a great poultry spritzin' recipe on the forums or website or SOMEwhere around here! (info overload!
) It was like, 1/2 apple juice, half sompthin' else, a dash of evoo, mebbe some soy sauce, or..... Sheesh, I wonder if I'll be able to find my smoker?!

Anyway, I kind of like my poultry a little on the sweet side. Last time I used that spritz that I'm askin' about, it was VERY good! You could really taste the apple.

OH! BTW, I replaced the white wine in the basic poultry brine with blackberry brandy and WOW! No kiddin', ya GOTta try it!

THANKS a million in advance for the spritz recipe guys!
Possibly apple juice and captain morgans rum... just guessin though
apple juice,cranberry juice,apple cider vinegar,honey brown beer,& evoo ??? werks fer me. hey pig (&all others) i live an hour- yes dry dry county from the closest liquor- thats fer drinkin'. pay strict homage to the rum gods....
One more try guys.. I think it was Jeff's recipe that I saw for the spritz. Anybody know what Jeff is using? I've looked all over the website and I can't find it. I THINK it was in a poultry post.....

Thanks in advance!

The turkey breast and huge fatty are on and cookin' right along. I figure about 6 PM or so. I'll try to remember pictures!

I put two packages of JD sausage together, rolled 'em out nice and rectangular, loaded up some chopped red pepper and onions, with a load of sharp cheddar, dribbled some real maple syrup all over, a few spices, garlic powder and salt. This is my first fatty, we'll see...
I usually spritz every thing I smoke with a 3 to 1 mix of apple juice and either bourbon or the Captain's Spiced Rum. Both work great.

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


There was one on here that I like. 1/2 apple juice, 1/2 Jack Daniels, a little EVOO. I found it mellows the flavor of ribs.
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