Sous Vide Pork, Thaw and Smoke Advice - Big Cookout

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Original poster
Aug 6, 2013
Fairfield, Ca
Hi All, long time no post.

I have a big labor day cookout this Saturday. I'm concerned on timing and could use some advice on how to proceed. Thanks in advance for ideas, tips, etc.

70 person camping cookout. All pork. We used to do a whole hog rotisserie, but it got too involved, so I took on cooking parts this year. I have 6 butts, 2 bellys, 2 loins and 10 racks of ribs. All have been Sous Vide and then Frozen as I had to prep them in batches over the past month. So everything is cooked, It just needs to be brought up to serving temp and take on some smoke while doing so.

I'll be heading up to the river on Friday afternoon, and we're serving dinner at 4PM on Saturday. My plan was to throw it all in a cooler Thursday night with Ice (and water?) expecting it to be thawed by Saturday AM. Ribs and Butts will be on smoke for 4 hours, Bellys and Loins on for 2.5.

My biggest fear is that I'll have a cooler of rock hard meat come Saturday AM, and 4 hours of reheat time won't be sufficient. Any Tips, tricks or "nah, you'll be fine" you can share is much appreciated.

I would start defrosting that a day or so earlier. Its not going to hurt it being in the refrigerator an extra day.


I can’t fit all of that in my fridge. Was hoping to thaw in the cooler and planned on starting that process Thursday. Should I move it up a day and start on Wednesday? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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