Free Test for INKBIRD 3 in 1Wifi Sous Vide Water Oven with Rack Divider and 14 Preset Recipes

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Are you interested in the sous vide?
We have some test spots now!
Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis(US ONLY)View attachment 694054View attachment 694055View attachment 694056
If you wanna know more, welcome to leave a commentView attachment 694057
And here is the product link.

If there are still test slots available, please throw my name In the hat. I’ll gladly give it stress test in the Club kitchen. Prost!
I had forgotten about this. Wondering if anyone has heard from them or was this just a gimmick to sell something...
I had forgotten about this. Wondering if anyone has heard from them or was this just a gimmick to sell something...
Haven't seen any reviews from anyone in this thread who said they wanted to give it a try
My view of Inkbird isn't as high as some of y'alls. I have an older 4 probe therm that the app is worthless for now, and up until about 2 months ago I gave them credit for the probes being pretty durable. Right about 2-3 months ago, one of my probes started reading 8-10 degrees low. No big deal, I had one I'd never used. Got the new one out, and it reads about 4-5 degrees high. I thought about buying replacement probes, but since the unit itself has apparently been abandoned by Inkbird tech, F it. I'll use it as is until something else catches my eye.
I also have one of their cheap little vac sealers. It works pretty good, but I'm on my second one. Heat strip crapped out on #1 and after a ton of back and forth with them telling me to unplug it then plug it back in (duh, I unplug it and plug it back every time I use it) not once or twice but at least half a dozen times, me having to send them pictures and VIDEOS of me plugging the damn thing in repeatedly, and making it a pain in the anal cavity to use the 1 year warranty, I'm done with buying their products. I'll take something for free, because, well, free, but no more of my cash goes to any of their shiny new stuff.

I know many of you rave about the wireless probe, but how nice will it be when the app no longer supports it?

I noticed last night or the night before that I had a sous vide Inkbird stick in my cart saved for later, it's no longer in my saved for later stuff.

The only thing that I still like to use from them is my instant read. And when it dies, I'll find a different manufacturer for a new one.

I ain't mad, I'm just over it. The vac sealer nonsense was what pushed me into "over it" is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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