Sourdough Bread Bowls

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Dec 25, 2010
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Mixing tonight.
Will make 6

Active starter. 300g

Bread flour 1500g
water 1050g
salt 30g

Mix for autolyse 1.5 hours.

Start 6 sets of stretch and folds.

Nice bulk fermenting.

Few more hours before forming.
Here is the dough at 6am.
sd bowls 6a.JPG

10 am.
sd bowls 10a.JPG

11 am.....Time to form and put in bowls for the fridge.
sd bowls11a.jpg

Have to divide.
sd bowlsform.jpg

Dont have to look Purdy as its going to get cut out anyways.
sd bowlsform1.jpg

Into smaller bowls, rice flour the brad towels. These will get covered and into fridge for up to 36 hours.
sd bowls redy.JPG

First I gotta get the fridge some room.
Watching to see how you bake them . I used some ceramic soup bowls ( inside ) and they got to tall cause them to split on the sides . Still worked and tasted great though .
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union county, about an hour north of Harrisburg. and i will let you know im gonna go through a bunch of your posts all the sourdough looks awesome!!
Ok I know that area.

My wife grew up in Lititz Lancaster county, we lived in Ephrata for 18 years.
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Going for round 3 today . Did some last week that I used 135 grams of dough each .
To small . Be nice big dinner rolls .
Just added all the displayed weights here , and divided by 8 . Came up with 360 per .
Think I'll try 250 for each bowl and see what happens .
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