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Feb 9, 2007
I have a rather large Hobart grinder (#32) and would like to make snack sticks. Currently I do 22mm collagen casings but would like to do the 19mm casinging. What size horn should I get for the 19mm casings? Will a 3/8 horn let the link of collagen casing slide on it with out having to unravel it? On my 1/2 horn I have to unravel the 22mm because they casings will not slide on it when they are packed all together. Also is my grinder too powerful to do 19mm casings? With the 22mm I have to be carful cause the meat comes out QUICK and so I have to be ready and steady to keep them from bursting.

Also has anyone ever purchased one of these horn kits where you get an adapter and three different plastic horns? I am curious how sturdy they are and if they are only made for weaker machines.

* grinder info. I do not know the model off the top of my head butit was made by Hobart, the grinder is very large and very heavy (somewhere around 150 pounds and was purchased from a butcher by my grandfather about 60 years ago - it was used then) Just curious if it is too powerful to do smaller stuff.

Also I am new and this is my first post. LOVE this site and plan on coming here everyday I can. Thanks in advance

Minneapolis MN
Hanifin, If you plan on doing a lot of ginding and stuffing, you may want to consider getting a stuffer. With the stuffer, you can control how fast the meat goes into the casings.
I use a #22 grinder to do all of my stuffing. You can buy a star adapter for about $2. When using that you can take out the grinder plate and knife. I don't seem to notice it doing much to the meat. I purchased mine from Midwestern Research. There website is They also have many different kinds of equipment, spices, and seasonings for the home or commercial users. Also when I do my stuffing, I have one more person help. The other person puts the meat into small balls before stuffing. The other person can feed the small balls of meat almost as fast as you can take them. By doing this you can control the speed of the stuffing very easily. I hope I was some help.
Hanifin,to answer your question a 3/8 tube will let you use the 19mm casings well,thats what I use.What you are hearing about buying a stuffer is right on the money.Thats what I used to use,a grinder,but you will be much happier with a stuffer,David
are you guys talking about a manual stuffer, like with a long handle on the back? I saw a couple of 8lb stuffers on eBay pretty cheap. (I think) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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